March 29, 2017 by Dymphna 3 Comments

[PODCAST] The Ancient Science That Let’s Some People Succeed And Others Struggle

There are hundreds of Scientific studies that show the quantum mechanics that plays out in our lives on a daily basis.

Yet, lots of people still go around acting like it’s not proven.

It comes from a belief bias – they don’t want to know anything their beliefs don’t support.
Basically, they stick their head in the sand.

Yet the same science, the same power was talked about by Cicero over 2000 years ago. Albert Einstein spent lots of time talking about it.

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In today’s podcast my special guest and I discuss:

–> Why there is a scientific reason for some people going on a downward spiral

–> Why the same catalyst can also create an upward spiral where all you do is win.

–> How my special guest did a deal that took her one month but now generates her $80k a year positive cashflow

–> The reason your affirmations and positive thinking may not be working and how you need to do it so that it does work

–> 3 ways to create the results you want faster than you ever thought possible

–> How to use the power of over 200 people to get the deals you want – use this when you come to one of my bootcamps

–> and much much more

This is one of those things where it’s not directly about property but utterly essential if you want to succeed in investing.

So make sure you listen and give this a go… call it an experiment. Try it and see what results you can get.


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