November 9, 2016 by Dymphna 1 Comment

[PODCAST] The $2k Spend That Can Return $50k Or More At Sale


Some houses you walk into and it just feels right.

Others feel wrong.

Sometimes you don’t even know what it is… it just feels wrong.

If a house feels wrong I guarantee you, it’s going to hurt the sale price. It may even mean the difference between selling and not selling.

Joining me on the podcast today is Helena Farrell, A friend and experienced developer, project manager and designer.

and when you listen you’ll discover:

—> How to become an expert in your area in 4 weeks (and know exactly how to design for that area)

—> How to know exactly what buyers in your area are going to pay the most for (and how to design that into your house)

—> How to find the exact demographic of your potential buyers (and find what they are actually looking for)
Then we get even more specific:

—> What colours (and yes I mean your paint colours) sell for more

—> How to stage your house to create an auction bidding frenzy.

—> The $2,000 spend on your renovation that can easily add $50,000 or more, to your sale price.

—> Why LED lights are all the rage but most people still get it wrong (and which ones you should be buying)

We also discuss:

—> Tile sizes and choices for more profit.
—> Minimum room size for a development.
—> How to get the right flow in your designs
—> And much much more…

These are small things you can do that get big returns, so make sure you listen to today’s podcast.

As I said – one tip in today’s podcast could make you an easy $50k. If you want to make sure you never miss a single podcast – go and subscribe and get them delivered direct to your phone the moment they go live.