October 19, 2016 by Dymphna 5 Comments

[PODCAST] The 15 minutes daily ritual that will change your life


If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in meeting so many people in my work is this:

Most people like to think they have a good positive attitude…

But the reality is that most don’t.

They don’t have what it takes.

Don’t have the x-factor.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Confession time:

There are days when I really struggle to be in a good space and have things work for me.

We’re all human…

What you’ve got to realise is that having the right mindset for success, for change and for creating the life you really want… is juts a learned skill.

You just have to know how to switch it on.

In today’s podcast I reveal:

—> My 15 minutes daily ritual that will change your life.

Every single day I do this ritual and you’re about to discover:

> What questions to ask yourself that will activate your brain to success
> How to stay focused no matter what
> the one brain trick that will give you the solutions to any obstacles you have right now
> The one thing your Mum told you not to do – But I’m telling you need to do more often…

…Seriously you’ve been trained out of this amazing brain skill yet it’s essential to create the life you want.


> The one inner power you have that will program your brain to success in seconds
> How your eyes affect your physiology and how to use this information to get your subconscious working for you.
> and much much more.

I get all my platinum students to do this exercise daily.

If you take up the challenge it will change your life…

This 15 minutes exercise could end up completely changing the way you live for the better.

Listen here.