November 24, 2016 by Dymphna 7 Comments

[PODCAST] The “$100k-every-time” strategy and how to research and find these perfect little deals.


I’m sitting at my desk preparing for the I Love Real Estate super-conference. It’s the ILRE community’s party of the year.

This is when successful students can share the deals they’ve done, how long it took, what obstacles they encountered, how they overcome them and of course, how much money they made.

It’s an amazing opportunity to discover what’s working, expected time frames and profit for various strategies and various locations.

We can all learn heaps from this information.

One of the sessions I’m going to be running is going to be my Top Strategy Picks for 2017.

So I thought I’d share one of them with you in today’s podcast.

There’s one strategy that no matter how many times I’ve done it (or seen others do it) there’s an almost guaranteed $100k profit in it every time… many times even more.

I call it the 2+1=$100,000

I’ll show you exactly what this is on the podcast

In this podcast me and my research assistant Samantha (also known as my daughter) reveal:

—> The 2+1=$100,000 strategy (It’s not hard you just need to know how to do it right)

—> The 3 searches you need to do to find the right property for this strategy (miss one of these and your information could be totally incorrect)

—> The one additional step you can take that can often add $200k to $300k to your profit margin (It’s not a ‘must’ but since this can double or triple your profit – why wouldn’t you?)

—> The one thing you need to track to make sure you are looking at a hot area that will give you the ROI you want. (critical tip)

—> Why you can’t easily apply this strategy to just any property (you can try but this way is the best by far)

—> The 3 things you should look at when choosing the perfect area to do this 2+1 strategy in (the right area can easily add thousands to your profit margin)

—> Why you need two screens on your computer to do this kind of research effectively. (If you don’t want to make mistakes and waste a tonne of your time).

—> How to determine the need for any given area (and other ways you can use this research to make better investments)

—> and much much more…
Nothing is held back in this podcast – we show you exactly how to profit from this great little strategy as well as how to take each deal to the net level.

It’s going to be the best 28 minutes you’ve invested in years.

If you take this information and run with it I’d love to hear your success stories.