April 29, 2016 by Dymphna 16 Comments

How to reverse negative gearing (and other bad stuff)

It’s the worst…

It’s the one idea that holds people back from investing.

The fear of “The worst” happening.

Of getting yourself into a sticky situation that is going to ruin you.

On the one hand “the worst” is out there and it does happen to people who don’t have the right education and knowledge.

On the other hand it’s important to know that if you are in that situation now, or know someone who is…

It’s reversible.

And simply knowing that and deciding to get yourself out is the best place to start getting the right information and turning it all around.

This podcast is about how to start turning it all around.

In today’s podcast I talk with one of my students who when he came to me was experiencing “the worst”

He’d bought multiple negatively geared properties, he was cross securitised and he’d bought in his own name.

He’s committed all the major sins as far as my education was concerned… but with the right education and some hard work he’s been able to turn it all around.

And he talks about terrible situation he was in and how he was able to end up in a good place