January 17, 2017 by Dymphna 1 Comment

[PODCAST] How A Single Property Could Change Your Life

There are certain key ideas that you need to get if you want success in real estate.

One of the things I drum into my students at the boot-camp is ‘stacking strategies‘; Using more than one strategy at a time, on a single deal to increase your results.

Today’s podcast how one sceptical student used this idea to replace his income – with a single property.

In it you’ll discover:

-Why it was not price that he negotiated on (but something more important for this deal)
-How he was able to add substantial value before he’d even settled on the deal.
-How he more than doubled the gross rent on the property (and reduced his expenses at the same time)
-How he was able to almost double the value of the property to $1.6M in just 12 months. (That’s an $800,000 increase in 12 months)
-How he was able to completely replace his income from this single deal (and even have more left over!)
-and much, much more…

It’s the start of the year… Imagine if, by the end of the year, you didn’t have to work anymore…

It could all start with this podcast. Make sure you listen now.