October 26, 2016 by Dymphna 5 Comments

[Podcast] Confessions Of A Property Coach

confessionsMichael and Sarah Franks, the ‘I love real estate’ coaches talk to students all day long about property investing and have been doing so for years now.

Boy, have they got some stories to tell.

Some of them are doozies. (Both good and bad)

In today’s podcast they spill the beans.

Aside from the funny stories there’s also some good information that comes out of being able to see the same questions, the same mistakes come up again and again.

In this podcast we cover:

—> When to say no to a deal (because the numbers show it to not be much chop) and what happens when the coaches have to burst someone’s bubble

—> Why setting the bar low on your goals (so you can achieve it) is the worst thing you can do… and…

—> why you need to set the bar high for your goals… We discuss how to change your thinking to be able to achieve your goals…

…even if, right now you don’t have a clue about how to actually achieve them.

—> The first steps to take property investing – many students forget this because there’s so much other information at the bootcamp… but this is the first place to start.

—> The one thing you must have in place to take advantage of an awesome deal when you find it. This one thing allowed Michael and Sarah to find a deal and sign within hours, beating out the competition by a mile.

—> The biggest mistakes I see in joint ventures…

Seriously I see these mistakes over and over and I want to drive the point home so you never make them…

—> We also share an awesome trick for getting a reluctant partner on board. This one’s so clever you could even use it to give yourself a boost in motivation.

—> how the students are networking, meeting and forming partnerships (both the business kind and in some cases even the personal kind 🙂

This podcast is a real out of the box one. Make sure you listen now.