September 9, 2016 by Dymphna 2 Comments

10 Hidden Comparable Sales Tips That Means More Profit When You Sell


At some point, one way or another, chances are that you will need to sell a property or three.

Too many people get this wrong.

There’s an art to selling a property (and getting the right price for it).

Most people just pick 3 agents.

And choose the best price (according to the agents)



In today’s podcast I’m going to show you:

  • How to get comparable sales analysis to get the price right (That’s not necessarily the highest price – I’ll show you why)
  • Why overpricing is dangerous and can ruin your sales potential. Careful here – this can bite you on the A**
  • How to make sure you’re on page 1 on internet sales sites to get a quick sale. (And not get pushed down to the bottom of the barrel)

I’ll also teach you:

  • Why the presentation of other properties is the key to knowing how your property will fare.
  • The hidden things that online analysis fails miserably at… you’ve got to get your hands dirty!
  • What to do in the 6 months before you sell your property.

Seriously – do this BEFORE you list your property.

And it’s not just about selling… Check this out.

I’m also discussing:

  • How to use comparable sales analysis to find the right agent to sell your property.
  • And find out which agents you want to avoid when you are buying a property.
  • The one trick that gives you reality VS estate agents fast-talking silver-tongued sales pitches.
  • Why two ‘comparable’ houses in the same suburb (e.g. 4br, 2bth, 2car etc) don’t necessarily go for the same price.

… in fact there are special factors which can make massive differences in sale price.

(Even when you are comparing like for like with house style and features).

Again – you’ve got to get your hands dirty here too.

There’s a heap more I’m going to cover… too much to list here.

Go listen now!