Attention: If You’ve Been A Platinum Member From The 1st January 2020. I Have Some Important And Exciting News For You… Please Watch The Video.

Summary Of 6-Month Extension Offer

The offer to participate will start as of the 1st of February in 2022 if you’re not a current Platinum member.

You will be able to attend 2 live in-person National Conferences, plus 6 months of live in-person monthly meetings.

You’ll have access to the Platinum Facebook group, plus the membership site as well for your 6 month extension.

If you participated with a partner during your membership, they will also be part of this extension offer.

If you’re currently a Platinum member and are within your 12-month period, the 6 months will be added to your membership.

This offer does not include one-on-one coaching and is limited to the National Conference and monthly live in-person events.

If you have any further questions or queries, please reach out to Ben Foster at [email protected]

Yours Sincerely,

Dymphna Boholt

P.S. One last thing, depending on the mandates around vaccinations and who can or cannot attend live in-person events, we may have to shift the start date of this offer.

P.P.S. As the head of I Love Real Estate, my philosophy is that we will not force or mandate that members have to be vaccinated to attend our events.