Platinum Accelerator National Conference Registrations Are Now Open!

Great News!

It’s with great pleasure that I can announce that the next quarterly National Platinum Conference will be a LIVE-IN-PERSON Event.

Here’s the dates and location… Platinum National Conference for the year will be held in Sunshine Coast on Saturday 27th March and Sunday 28th March (We also have Graduate Day on Friday 26th March as well!)

And guess where in the Sunshine Coast we will be having this event?

That’s right… the farm (my place).

And I’m super excited to host you all!

However, there is a “new normal”, in which State and Venue specific protocols are in place that we all have to adhere to.

Here’s the New Protocols for ALL LIVE-IN PERSON Events for 2021. This is to ensure that when you book in advance your seats will be reserved, so you don’t miss out!

However due to the restricted numbers and the new protocols we will have to give the current Platinum Students first priority to book.

Current Platinums will have until Tuesday 23rd February to secure their spots, after that we open up registrations for all who are eligible to secure a seat at the Conference.

Apologies in advance, we’re working within the guideline of all the COVID restrictions and hopefully with our next National Conferences throughout 2021 we hope to have the opportunity for greater numbers at the LIVE-IN-PERSON Events.

The New LIVE-IN-PERSON Event Protocols

The First Round Of Bookings:

If you’re a current Platinum Member and you want to attend the Platinum Accelerator National Conference, and for those that are eligible the Graduate Day, here’s what you have to do next.

You will have to REGISTER in advance and pay a tiny $100 per person fully refundable deposit, just make sure you select either the Graduate Day or National Conference. Don’t worry you will get the $100 back after you attend.

Makes sense?

Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you the event confirmation email, and your spot will be secured, and you can make your travel plan arrangements.

Please click on the appropriate button below – if you are a first year Platinum or a Graduate.

To register for Platinum Accelerator National Conference click the secure link below and make the $100 refundable deposit.

If you are one of my Platinum Graduates click the secure link below to register for the Graduate Day and the Platinum National Conference and make the $100 refundable deposit.​

If you have a partner who is eligible to attend the Platinum National Conference, then they can join too by ringing Ben direct on the Platinum Hotline 0423 700 446 or email him on to make sure you add them to the registration list.

The same rules apply, you’ll have to pay another $100 fully refundable deposit to secure your partner's seat as well.

Ben will be able handle all of that for you.

Really excited to see you at the Platinum Accelerator National Conference on the Sunshine Coast at the end of March.

Yours Sincerely,

Dymphna Boholt