Peter & Jenny

Peter & Jenny Finally Won At Property Investing And Built Over $1,000,000 In Equity

Back in 2007, Peter already knew that property investing could transform their lives. But he just kept making the wrong deals… until his wife, Jenny, came across I Love Real Estate.

When Peter’s family survived the weeks-long boat ride going to Australia as a child, they knew that their lives were going to change for the better.

But they soon found out that it wasn’t as easy as they thought.

You see, Peter and his family already knew that property investing was the way to go. But since without enough knowledge about it… they didn’t make much progress.

In fact, Peter’s first experience with property investing left a bad taste in his mouth.

You see, his parents were the first to try their hands at property investing. But because they entered into the wrong JV deals with the wrong people, they incurred a loss of $50,000.

When it was Peter’s turn to try it out several years later, he entered the industry when there was an oversupply of property in the market. That meant demand for property was so low and competition was stiff.

But his wife, Jenny, knew that despite their initial failures, they were still on the right track.

That’s why she continued to look for ways to support Peter’s passion for property investing. And after attending countless seminars on property investing… Jenny finally found one that clicked.

You see, she attended one of I Love Real Estate’s free seminars… And everything finally changed for the better.

Want to know how Peter and Jenny found their footing in the property market?

“I want time to look after my elderly parents who sacrificed so much.” – Peter

Deal #1: The ‘Unlivable Property’

When Peter and Jenny restarted their property investing career…Peter was working full-time in taking care of their child. So, they knew that getting enough cash flow was the way to go.

The couple then looked for a place they could renovate and create equity. They eventually found one, but when they got it…

The property was unlivable.

To start with, there was no bathroom. The previous owner pulled out everything to try and renovate it, but he realised it was too much work for him. So, he decided to put the property on the market.

But the couple believed that it was the opportunity they were waiting for.

So, they quickly got to work and realised that it was a job that’s bigger than they expected.

Despite Peter having no experience in renovation, the couple persevered. And to make it to their three-month renovation deadline, he had to live in an unlivable place. He even joined a gym just so he could shower every day!

After the renovation was completed, Peter was ready to flip the home.

…But Jenny wasn’t.

“The whole journey, we wanted to flip,” admitted Jenny. “But at the end, when I look at the property and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s so beautiful’, now, I don’t want to flip. I really want to keep it.”

To convince her husband to keep their newly-renovated property, Jenny shared Dymphna’s cash flow strategy with Peter. That’s why instead of flipping, they decided to lease it out.

Deal #2: Better Cash Flow

Peter and Jenny’s first deal was cash flow neutral.But this next one caused them to earn $15,000 per year.
However, it still wasn’t what Peter wanted – he was serious about finding a property that he can flip. But even after three months, he still couldn’t find a good enough deal.

So, Jenny told her husband:

“I said to him, ‘Oh, can I please have another one that is going to be like the first one?’ And so then, later on, I can actually quit my job and just manage them.”
Thankfully, they found one.

And to finish the renovation, Peter once again had to live onsite – in a house with no flooring, no heating, and no bathroom.

But since it yielded a positive cash flow, the sacrifice was worth it.

Deal #3: Converting an Existing Property

This third deal had something to do with an existing property that didn’t make any money. In fact, the couple lost $50k after buying it.

But Jenny remembered Dymphna’s words: “If a property doesn’t perform, you have to do something about it.”

That’s why instead of letting the property stagnate… the couple decided to apply their short-term rental strategy once more. And this time…

They finally earned something out of the property – $20,000 per year to be exact!

“We had to learn new skills, get out of our comfort zone, and learn how joint venture the right way. I Love Real Estate has given us choices.”

Deal #4: The Dream Holiday House

By December 2020, Jenny was finally able to quit her full-time job to manage their rented properties. But at this point, Peter still didn’t give up on his dream of buying and flipping homes. Jenny continued to support him though, despite still being unable to find a great deal.

And after a couple of months of research, Jenny proposed a compromise:

“If you want to develop, how about we go buy something with development potential on it? And I will apply the cash flow strategy for now to keep it, and you can develop later?”

Of course, Peter agreed!

So, they bought and renovated a new house that’s only 10 minutes from the beach. And Jenny was ecstatic!
Because now, they were able to buy their dream holiday house. While Peter could still fulfil his wish of developing the property into a triplex later on.

Achieve Long-Term Success with Property Investing

All these four deals allowed Peter and Jenny to earn more than $1 million in equity. And mind you, their property investing journey wasn’t easy!

In fact, it took them 5 years to build a portfolio that earns them $100,000 in passive income a year. But they never wavered. They took their time and held on since the entire ILRE community was there to back them up.

But the biggest lesson the couple learned with ILRE was there was another way to live life than just working hard.

Yes, they now have a lucrative property investment portfolio. But what matters most to Peter and Jenny is that they now have enough free time to sit back, relax… and witness their kids grow up in front of their very eyes.

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These stories and the results in them were captured at a specific point in time. The real estate market and the investing strategies used to succeed are constantly changing. The achievements and results of these investors may have changed since these stories were recorded. Each of these investors engaged in in-depth training, coaching and mentoring to be able to achieve these results. Their results are not typical and should not be taken as a guarantee of the results you may achieve. Your personal results will be in-line with the training, education and hard work that you personally conduct.

“We had to learn new skills, get out of our comfort zone, and learn how joint venture the right way. I Love Real Estate has given us choices.”



PPR Value: $1,300,000
PPR Equity: $400,000

Investment Value: $400,000
Investment Equity: $50,000

Total Equity: $440,000


PPR Value: $1,700,000
PPR Equity: $800,000

Investment Value: $1,750,000
Investment Equity: $742,000

Total Equity: $1,532,000