January 21, 2016 by Dymphna 6 Comments

One sad truth about property …and the silver lining


One of the side effects of making lots of money in property is that sometimes your existing friends that are not part of that world start to drift away.

Sometimes it’s because some people can’t handle your success, other times it’s because you are moving in new circles and learning a new language (Property speak).

Sadly, sometimes, you just have to let people go…

But there is a flipside… a silver lining…

Moving into the property world allows you to meet all kinds of new people, find new mates in the market or even drag old friends along who want to come on the ride with you.

I always say how important it is to have ‘mates in the market’. It opens up a new world of possibilities.

I want you to take a serious listen to today’s podcast. 

Two friends that have known each other for 30 years took each other on a wild ride into property investing and have made a small fortune because of it.

Rebecca and Sarah have shared some of their time to talk me through their journey, and I believe there are some really important lessons about mindset & friendship that can help you open the door to more opportunities in your life.

This is one of those things that’s not directly about property but has lessons that can help you create much more success in your life.

Go listen and see what it inspires in you.