July 13, 2012 by Dymphna

#26: The Whole NRAS Deal… Does it make sense for investors?

If you’re wondering what NRAS stands for, it’s National Rental Affordability Scheme and is a government initiative.

The government is never good at running businesses for profit, but when it comes to giving away money… they do excel.

With this new scheme, they are giving away $10,000 per annum to investors to offer their real estate to the open market.

So does it make sense for an investor and is it a good deal?

Well, I grill James Thorpe (NRAS expert) and get into the nitty gritty on all the plusses and minuses.

Who is eligible, how does it work, who qualifies, how do the numbers work, etc. etc. etc.

It’s worth listening to and getting the expert’s opinions on how to turn a negative geared property into a positive cash-flow one.

I like that, hence why I got James Thorpe on iLoveRealEstate to give you the insider information.

Listen, learn and make up your own opinion.


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