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Need Money To Invest? Make Yourself Valuable!

So you’ve got the itch for real estate investing, have you? FABULUOUS.

You desperately want to get on the track to financial freedom…

But you need to partner with somebody with more CASH than time to help you get started?

Well, great! How are you gonna make that happen?

The better question to ask yourself is, “Why would anyone invest with me?”

This should cause you to take a long look in the mirror… Would you invest with you?

This is your ice-water-in-the-face wake up call… Because let’s face it—there are no free rides in life…

What will you say when your potential investment partner asks you…

“What are you bringing to the table?”

Don’t show up empty-handed

Look, there are PLENTY OF INVESTORS with more money than time that see the fantastic opportunities in real estate and are actively LOOKING FOR PARTNERS!

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that there a thousand times more people like you—people with the time, but who lack the capital to get into real estate investing.

And the fact is, too many “wannabe” real estate investors don’t bring anything of value to the partnership except their time.

But think about it…If your time was so valuable, you would be the financial partner, wouldn’t you?

So, if you’ve got nothing but time…you’ve got nothing to offer.

You’ve got to bring either valuable knowledge or valuable skills to the table…

If you can’t bring either, it’s like showing up at a picnic empty-handed.

Are you bringing Skills or Knowledge?

When you bring nothing of value to the table… You’re telling financial investors that what you really want is a handout.

They’ll figure–and rightly so–that you don’t value yourself enough to invest in yourself. Their conclusion will be swift and final: “If you’re not going to invest in yourself, why should I?”

This goes for potential JV partners as well.

Now, if you’re good with a hammer, know your way around a construction site and can build a granny flat in your sleep, well good on you! You’ve got valuable skills to trade on and investing partners love to work with people like you.

In fact, chances are, you’ve already found your investing partner.

But for the rest of you, who don’t know which end of the hammer goes where…YOU’VE GOT A BIG PROBLEM, haven’t you?

If you can’t bring hands-on construction skills to the table, then…

Your ONLY CHOICE is to bring KNOWLEDGE to the table.

Invest in Yourself FIRST!

That’s why my boot camps and seminars are so important…they provide you a stable platform for your future! You get real knowledge that you can leverage into a partnership and get you on the track!

It may start with just a one-dayer, where you begin your journey learning about the basics of real estate investing…

But two things will happen in that very first day…

  1. You’ll realize that there’s much more to learn and just how important having the knowledge in hand truly is…
  2. And you’ll realize just how important it is to invest in yourself first!

A little later on, as your knowledge base grows, several other good things will happen…

For example, you’ll gain CONFIDENCE in yourself and in your abilities…and that’s a VERY big deal.

Confidence attracts like-minded, successful people, drives you forward, and is CRUCIAL for any partnership.

When you have knowledge and the confidence that it brings, you become an asset to a partnership, not a liability. You have something very valuable to offer a financial partner…

It’s not just the valuable real estate investing knowledge that you have learned, but it’s also the CREDIBILITY you have earned.

As you go forward in your education, you’ll attend a three-day seminar or two and gain more knowledge about real estate investing strategies.

You’ll know a good property deal when you see it, and how to avoid the bad ones. You will understand negotiation techniques, leveraging, subdivisions, and so much more.

But most important of all, you will know that you are now a valuable partner that any financial investor would be thrilled to have on board.

Your quick Transformation

The amazing thing about education is how fast it turns everything around. So many of my students have amazing success stories of becoming millionaires in a matter of months…

But you know what? They’re not really amazing at all!  It’s what happens when DESIRE MEETS OPPORTUNITY.

Your dream of reaching financial freedom begins with educating yourself and that’s where I help thousands of people just like you!

And one of the perks that come with joining iLoveRealEstate.tv is that you get to associate with people who have already made the journey you’re on…

And they are happy to help you along the way, just as they were!

But be warned: if you bring a high level of commitment toward getting yourself educated…

The transformation from desperate wannabe real estate investor to a confident and successful real estate investor is a quick one! You will change inside…

You will become a different version—a better version—of you. You will see success and want more of it. That means that your old habits and self-doubt will have to go away…FOR GOOD!

Your friends will notice, so will your family. You will not want to waste time the way you once did because you will realize that, yes, YOUR TIME IS ACTUALLY QUITE VALUABLE!

And it all begins with you. Now go and make yourself valuable!