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[PODCAST] My proven formula for creating the life you want

We, as humans, have specific abilities and traits.

This isn’t meant to be a biology or psychology lesson, I mention it just to say this:

We are all affected by these traits every day and you can either use them to your advantage or you let them work to your disadvantage.

It’s up to you how to direct those innate forces.

In today’s podcast, I reveal the strategies I and my students use to achieve their goals, get to where they want to go and create the life that I (and they) want… whatever that may be.

I discuss the perfect time frame to use when planning and mentally constructing your perfect life and planning how to get there.

There are two reasons why this time frame is so important

Plus you’ll also discover:

=> The best questions to ask yourself to get your brain working overtime to solve the puzzle of how to make that a reality
=> How to calculate your starting point accurately – do this on two levels for maximum effect
=> How to beat your programming and align yourself with better outcomes every time.
=> The daily activity you need to be doing to become the person you want to become – this is not what you think… but simpler than it sounds.
=> How to calculate a yield report on your current assets and work out how to get more from what you already have.
=> The one thing you need to be really clear on before any of these things will work… This is the cornerstone of all your goals and plans
=> The one factor that allows you to know the exact best action and next step to take to get you to your goals faster.
=> And much, much more…

Once understood this information has been the turning point for many of my students that took them from nothing to massive success in very short order.

It might be something you’ve heard before it may not be… but you won’t have heard it in this way…

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To me, these principles have been the difference between struggling in my own business for the rest of my life and replacing my income and living the life of my dreams…

So I’m pretty attached to you getting it as well – it’s that important.