Real Estate Millionaire Within 3-Day Bootcamp 2022 Registrations Are Now Open!

It’s with great pleasure that I can announce that this year’s Real Estate Millionaire Within 3-Day Bootcamp will be LIVE-IN-PERSON in Brisbane from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd July 2022!

I’m super excited to see you at this life-changing event! It is my favourite bootcamp of the year and you will discover potentially life-changing information and techniques to give you the motivation and courage to get out there and pursue your wildest dreams.

Live-In-Person Registration

If you want to attend Real Estate Millionaire Within live in-person, you’ll have to REGISTER IN ADVANCE and pay a tiny $100.00 booking fee.

This fee is refundable after the event for those that have not attended Real Estate Millionaire Within live in-person before.

For those that are revisiting the REMW bootcamp, the $100.00 fee is your revisit fee.

Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you the event confirmation letter, and your spot will be secured.

As seats are limited, if you wish to attended please book as soon as you can – otherwise you will miss out!

If you have a partner who wants to attend and they are eligible, they need to be booked separately via the same booking link. The same rules apply, you’ll have to pay the $100 fully refundable deposit to secure your partners’ seat as well.

Should you need to check if your partner is eligible to come, please contact the Customer Support team on (03) 9490 8888 or email to assist with confirming their eligibility.

For all live in-person events, students will need to meet the local & venue COVID requirements. This may include proof of vaccination and the wearing of face masks. At present, there are no specific COVID requirements. Should this change you will need to ensure you meet the requirements.

ZOOM Live Stream

PLEASE NOTE: The whole event will be LIVE STREAMED ON ZOOM so nobody misses out!

If attending via Zoom there is no need to pay the $100 deposit, just register via the button below.

I’m really excited to see you all at the Real Estate Millionaire Within Bootcamp in Brisbane. Don't miss it!

Yours Sincerely,

Dymphna Boholt

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A PAID MEMBERS ONLY EVENT. You need to be a paid up I Love Real Estate student to attend. Please do not share this page or the Zoom links with non-members. Do not post it on social media forums.

We check Zoom registrations with our in-house CRM system. If we establish that you have forwarded this page to non-members and they register for events they are not entitled to, you are putting your membership status at serious risk.

We will not hesitate to suspend, cancel memberships and access to all content if we believe that you have infringed your membership agreement. We respect your purchase of this program and we will do everything we can to protect your purchase and make sure that only members have access.