You Could Be Just One House Away From Retirement … Seriously

Conventional wisdom says you should buy an investment property, negative gear it and hope it’ll give you a bit of income a few years down the track.

And I’m telling you … conventional wisdom is wrong.

This super-cashflow strategy can give you massive cashflow from the start, so you can quickly replace your income without growing old while you wait.

Compare The Pair. Same Suburb … Similar Houses. Why Does One Earn Up To 330% More Cash?

Look at these two houses below. Both are in the same suburb and both are very similar.

In some cases they’re in the same street, and maybe even next door to each other.

However, the house on the right is owned by conventional investors who bought it and rented it out for $450 a week.

The one on the left is owned by Super Cashflow Expert Mark Baker who made a few changes to it … and now rents it out for an incredible $2,385* a week.

That’s $1,935 a week more which turns out being …

… a mouth watering $100,620* extra income per year.

That’s more than the average Australian wage – from one house. And it’s 330% more rent than the conventional investor is earning.

Want more proof? Check out these examples of similar houses

Take a close look at these two examples.

Both these houses are in the same suburb.

They’re both double stories.

And yet one rents for $1,495* more per week than the other.

That’s $77,740* more per year – 232% more income from a similar houses.

How about this one…

It’s $1,785* a week more which is a 376% increase from the one on the right.

And it even works on cheaper houses too. Look at these two similar houses.

There’s no denying these two houses are very similar. Same suburb, same condition, very similar ages and styles.

So why does one bring in $1,305 more per week than the other?

Introducing Super Cashflow – How You Could Get Up To 376% More Rent From Your Next Investment Property

Super Cashflow is This is a ‘next-level’ strategy which could give you massive rents from otherwise ordinary investment properties … potentially as much as $1,785 per week more than you would get investing in the ‘old school’ way.

That’s $92,560* a year extra income in your pocket … from one property.

Now, I want to point out that this is gross income. And if you use an external manager then those cashflows will be affected.

This is why I’ve put a ‘*’ next to all the prices. And there’s a full disclosure going through this again at the bottom.

Because depending on who manages it, you might be giving up 10% to 15% in management fees. In a nutshell, if you want to manage it yourself you’ll make more money.

And if you hire someone to do it for you, you’ll make a bit less.

However you’ll have a lot more free time to potentially do another deal, have less to deal with and a really passive income.

And if you don’t want to manage it – although you can and plenty of Mark’s students do - that might take this example down to just over $78,000.

you’ve done it you barely have to lift a finger to bring the money in.

Imagine what your life could be like.

Imagine earning more than the average Australian wage by owning just one investment property.

Imagine making this kind of money without having to drag yourself off to work every day.

There’d be no boss telling you what to do.

What about if you had 2 of these properties. You could help your spouse leave their job as well and live the dream lifestyle without waiting until you’re 65.

You could have more than enough money to do as you please and set an example which your children can follow and get involved with as they grow up You’ll be an inspiration to them and show them a better way to lead their lives.

Best part?

You could have just 2 properties like this and make more than most Aussie households make combined.

Or you could potentially accumulate a huge portfolio of super cashflow properties and make as much as you desire.

The Perfect Investment For A Virus Ravaged Economy?

For years, accountants and financial planners have urged investors to negative gear.

Problem is, it’s impossible to win with negative gearing.

Because with over 1 million people losing their jobs over the last few months, landlords who only have one tenant, and suddenly they’re not paying anything.

It’s negative gearing on steroids – in the wrong direction. Tenants are sending letters saying they can’t pay for 3 months, then another letter saying it’ll be another 3 months more.

And even though the banks can put a pause on the mortgage, remember that any payments you miss get added to your loan.

Worse still, the banks are about to start negotiating with owners to see if they can pay up again. And if they can’t, they’re prepared to pull the plug.

Now, if you super-cashflowed your investment you wouldn’t be in this position. Because instead of having one tenant you might have 8. And not all of them are going to be in that position.

Sure, you might lose one or two, but your $2,000 a week goes to $1,400.

However if you’ve only got one tenant then your $450 a week goes to a big fat ZERO.

Here, check out more enormous super cashflow incomes

Potentially puts you in the top 1% of income earners … without having a job or a business.

Mark Baker is Australia’s #1 expert and authority on the super cashflow revolution.

He knows exactly what you can and cannot do right across Australia.

And this means you can push your next cashflow project to the absolute limit. And squeeze every last dollar out of it.

In fact, Mark knows the rules and regulations so well …

… local councils and governments hire Mark to help them interpret their own rules!

In fact, if you’ve ever invested in training on high cashflow investing like this, odds are they started under Mark’s wing.

Imagine what you can do with Australia’s top expert guiding you.

How will a couple of super high cashflow properties, potentially earning you as much as $150,000 extra a year or more in passive income change your life?

This is money which could …

  • Give you control over your mortgage, car payments, insurances and personal loans by making sure they’re completely covered every month, with plenty left over
  • Pay off a massive bill which has been hanging over your head for years
  • Put a new car or two in your driveway
  • Go on an overseas holiday before returning to do another super cashflow deal – and then going on another holiday again with the profits. Imagine ringing up the travel agent to book your next trip to Hawaii, the Greek islands or Fiji.
  • Pay the school fees for the next few years so your kids’ education is locked in, years in advance. Not having this stress hanging over your head is a huge relief.

Better still, this money could literally replace your incomes entirely and give you money for life.

Which means, you can quit work … and a healthy retirement income is locked in as well.

Pretty nice, right?

I’m sure if you’re like most people then you’re not sure how you’re going to set up enough income in retirement to lead a great life.

Well, this could let you put a big green tick next in the box.

Because listen, most people just settle for taking a pay-cut when they retire.

Not you though.

You won’t have to take a paycut.

You’ll have income producing investments, potentially give you more money than you can spend for the rest of your life.

And you won’t have to slave away, and scrimp and save until you’re 65 to do it either.

Imagine doing a couple of these, and quitting your soul-destroying career which isn’t going where you want.

You could walk away, making more money than your boss. And you don’t even have to work a regular 9 – 5 job like everyone else.

And you’ll have fun doing it too.

It’s even ideal for younger people who are ready to do something different instead of becoming a life-long wage slave.

Here’s another exciting way you could profit enormously with this information.

How about this for another way to make money.

You could even set these super cashflow properties up, then sell them to other investors for a huge windfall.

Investors are desperate for high cashflow deals like these … and they wouldn’t have a clue how to do them.

And remember, when you sell a property as a cashflow investment, the more cashflow it produces, the higher the price.

This means you can do super cashflow deals for the income.

And do them to sell to other investors too.

Best? It’s a really fun way to make money as well, and it’s super addictive.

There aren’t too many addictive things which can make you rich, and this is one of them. Once you’ve got the system, anything’s possible.

You Could Be One Property Away Here are even more examples of super-high cashflow deals Mark and his students are doing.

$92,560 More Per Property... What Could Your Life Be Like

Imagine having the skills which could increase the amount of rent you receive from an investment property by as much as 330%.

Here’s what your life could look like.
  • Replace your income without needing dozens of investment properties. In fact, it may be possible to do it with just one.
  • Escape from the rat-race faster. Just one property could give you a steady, reliable income you could use to retire from immediately. There’s no rule which says investing has to take 20 years.
  • Retire early and choose to do whatever you damn well want. Your home is paid for, you’ve got a sporty little care in the driveway, you can travel, play around in your garden or volunteer at a charity you care deeply about.
  • Bring in mountains of cash – as much as 330% more rent than you could get from a similar property in the same suburb.
  • Gives you a passive income – sure beats working from 9 – 5 every day, right?
  • A blueprint for doing 1, 2, 3 or as many super cashflow deals as your heart desires. What’s your dream income? Give me the number and work backwards.

It’s your blueprint for replacing your income with as few as one investment property.

Immersive Training For Faster Results

Welcome to the Super Cashflow System.

It’s a blueprint to creating the insane cashflow to replace your income.

Here’s how it came about.

Mark recently ran a secret event for a high level group.

He sat with them for 2 days and coached them every step of the way.

He showed them every method.

He shared every secret.

He gave them a step by step plan for creating the kind of cashflow you’ve seen in all the examples so far.

No stone was left unturned, and when his students asked him questions he made sure every single one was answered.

The result?

His students left with the exact blueprint to start doing this immediately.

I hired a special video crew to record every last second of Mark’s training.

They cost me $10,000 to hire and professionally edit the videos.

Then I uploaded all the sessions to a private member’s area.

I also hired a professional writer and paid them $5,000 to create an easy to follow guide to help you get the results you want.

And I asked the writer to accurately transcribe every session for you as well.

This is even better if you’d rather read than watch. Or you can watch, then read the guide as well so you don’t miss anything.

It’s called immersive learning and …

… it’s by far the most effective way for anyone to master a new skill quickly.

This is why I spent an extra $15,000 to film and edit everything, create the transcripts and create a workbook.

You’ll Also Join The Exclusive Super Cashflow Roundtable

When you join, you will be whisked away into a private Facebook group where you and other super cashflow crazy investors will be able to ask questions, discuss deals and help each other out.

Unlike an event where you can only ask questions while you’re there … thanks to this group you can ask a question any time.

Even when you’re in the middle of a project and you’d like a bit of help.

Mark is a regular in the group and he happily answers questions and shares his knowledge. And he routinely shows you his latest deals, his on-site inspections, and he walks you through exactly what’s happening in the marketplace now.

Plus a lot of Mark’s students are in here too. And the best part of this community is that everyone supports each other.

I’m sure you’ll be answering questions of new students in no time too.

And remember, this is a members-only group so there aren’t any time wasters in here like you get with free groups. If you don’t invest, you don’t get in.

It’s is a safe-haven for you where you will take part in high-level discussions on doing huge cashflow deals with the formula.

What’s Your Investment?

We put this program together to sell to the public later in the year. And when it launches it will be for sale for $4,000.

And frankly it’s a bargain at $4,000. Especially when you’ll have the skills to potentially create as much as $1,935 cashflow per week from a single property.

However, because you’re a member of the I Love Real Estate community, you wont pay anywhere near this.

Not even half.

Because you’re on my email list, you can get the entire Super Cashflow System for as little as a payment today of $433, plus 2 more monthly payments of $433 each.

This is a total of $1,300.

However, if you’ve got the available funds and you want to make a one off payment, you can save $303 and pay just $995.

At $995 this is a massive 75% discount from the full price.

As an Email Subscriber, it is available to you for just a

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Listen, you might think you don’t have the money to invest in your own super cashflow deal right now.

But that’s not the point.

The point is you’ll have the strategy, and once you’ve got the strategy and the system then your motivation is suddenly elevated.

Now it will become real to you. You can feel it. You can almost touch it.

And where you previously needed 5 or 6 houses to replace your income, now you just need 2.

Imagine if you had 2.

Imagine what your friends will say when you’ve quit your job and effectively ‘retired’ courtesy of just 2 houses.

They probably think you need 10 houses and a decade or more to get to this level.

And you’ll have proven them wrong.

Now your first goal is to learn the strategy without costing you a lot of money. And you’ve got the opportunity for a very limited time right here at $995.

Be warned though. This will go to $4,000 shortly.

Others are selling it for $4,000.

You might have even invested in a program for a similar system, and if you did then you probably bought it from someone who learnt it from Mark.

I won’t mention any names, OK?

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Investing $4,000 is a bargain considering the outcome you can create.

What you have here though is an opportunity to have it for just $995.

And don’t just take my word for it. Here are a few of the students who are learning the Super Cashflow Formula.

My Risk Free Guarantee To You

I’m confident this could be the fastest way for you to create huge chunks of wealth over and over again.

And $995 is an absolute bargain for education like this.

Especially when people are paying $4,000 to be trained by people who learnt it from me. Super Cashflow is a structured process which makes it predictable and reliable. And super-profitable.

Plus you’ll have access to Mark at your fingertips.

However, if you’re still not 100% convinced this is for you then I’ll do a deal with you.

Invest today, then over the next 10 days go through everything.

Watch all the videos.

Read the manuals.

Join in the discussions in the members-only Facebook group.

And in the unlikely event you think this isn’t for you, I will give you a full refund.

However, this isn’t a guarantee you can bank up for a ‘rainy day’. You have to be serious about acquiring these life changing skills, so it is only available for action-takers.

My money-back guarantee is available for 10 days after your purchase, which is more than enough time for you to review the material if you’re serious about it.

Fair enough?

The Train is About To Leave The Station . . . Are You Getting On?

I’ve taken the risk away from you as well, making sure you’re 100% satisfied with what you’ll learn in this opportunity you’re being offered today by backing you with a full 10 day, no hassles, no questions asked guarantee.

And remember, you get …

… all the video training, the workbook, the manual, the transcripts plus membership in the exclusive members-only Facebook group.

For a mere $995.

And a payment plan is available.

You’ll have the skills to potentially create $90,000 positive cashflow on just one property.

And as soon as you see this, you’ll realist your biggest problem won’t be finding properties to use it on.

It’ll be choosing between all your options.

And if you only need a couple of properties to replace your income with a passive income then you’ll always have money coming in.

Frankly, this is far too cheap at $995.

And considering the impact it can make, and the acceleration it can offer you by getting you to your end goal much, much faster it should be worth $10,000.

If you come back and revisit this concept in 60 or 90 days time the price of admission will be 4 x more than I’m offering it to you today.

This I can guarantee you.

Of course, even at this higher price it will be worth every cent.

But why pay it unnecessarily?

Even if you’re not considering doing strategy this year, you should sill have this in your library of tactics to implement when the time is right.

I’m sure you’ll thank me later.

Listen, to my mind, and in the mind of so many others who have chosen to invest in super cashflow properties, it’s an incredibly modest investment for you today.

Especially considering the skills you will acquire, which can deliver you a lifestyle most people only ever dream about.

Ask yourself this question.

Ask yourself this question

Can you really afford to ignore this opportunity?

When you’ve dreamed about a life where you can make potentially 2, 3 even 5 times as much income as you do today … where you can travel at will and live life on your terms.

Where all the financial pressures of day-to-day life melt away as you bring in an enormous regular income . . . now’s your chance to turn your dreams into reality.

This is YOUR chance to actually stop dreaming about it and start living it.

The plane is boarding. I’m already seated, waiting for you to get onboard . . . To get on board, simply click the button below.

At $995 this is a massive 75% discount from the full price.

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Dedicated to your success, Dymphna

P.S. Where will you be in 30 days if you choose not to invest?

Probably handcuffed to a job you hate because you need the money.

Still budgeting every month to make sure the mortgage, insurance and loans get paid and there’s enough for all the groceries along with tucking a little bit away.

Maybe wondering how on earth you’ll ever have enough to retire on, and stressing about how your life is going to look like once you retire. Or worse – if you lose your job before 65.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Investing $995 and becoming a super cashflow investor could fix all this, even if you only do it to just one property.

* In all the examples you’ve seen, I have quoted gross rents to give you a fair comparison.

Any property investor knows there are costs associated with rental management. You’ll have to take these costs into account with all the numbers above.

These are typically between 10% and 15%. Some investors choose to manage their own properties which brings their management fee down to $0.

So if you would prefer someone to manage them for you, you will need to take these fees into account.

Regardless, clearly one example is streets ahead of the other even when you take management costs into account.