May 19, 2014 by Dymphna 2 Comments

LIFEChanged: Video reveals how a couple replaced their income in just 18 months…

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Let me say this out loud.

You don’t have to wait 20 years to achieve you financial dreams.

You don’t even have to wait 10 years or 5 years to do it.

If you have the desire and follow a clear concise plan of action, you can do it much faster.

How fast?

Well, let me introduce you to Andrew and Mandy.

They replaced a $300,000 income using my ideas, systems and education in just 18 months.

Look, listen and learn as they briefly describe how and what they did in this video interview.

Andrew and Mandy are a shining light of what is possible if you sit down and start planning a new and brilliant future.

They are a true inspiration and are inspiring the rest of my iLoveRealEstate community with their down to earth and passionate approach to transforming their lives.

I think we should stand up and applaude Andrew and Mandy for believing that this type of success was possible… and to also do it in the time frame that they have.

Their amazing journey started not so long ago when they came and spent a full day training with me for free… Imagine if they decided not to come or totally ignored my invitation.

You CAN transform your financial destiny.

PLEASE NOTE: No remuneration was offered for appearing in this video and sharing their story. This is the student’s story in their own words and the timeline and details of all transactions have not been verified by Knowledge Source or Dymphna Boholt. This interview was conducted in March 2014.