August 8, 2012 by Dymphna

#28: An inspirational story: From less than zero to $1 million in 3 years…

Imagine being a multi millionaire… Living the life of your dreams and then, through no fault of your own, the government comes in and takes EVERYTHING from you.

That’s what happened to this gentleman.

His name is Keith Farquhar. He was literally living the high-life with 5 massive farms, well over 10,000 acres of property, 74 trucks, 1,000 staff, his own plane and as rich as they come.

Then one day, without prior warning or notice, the government came in a changed the rules. At the time, Keith lived in Africa.

Within days, he was ordered to give back all of his wealth or face serious repercussions… and possibly death.

Keith, fully aware of what was going on, packed all he could in a couple of suitcases and fled the country.

He accidentally ended up in Australia and with the little money he could salvage, started a business.

Within 3 years, that business was taken from underneath his feet because of his lack of due-diligence to understand how structures and leases worked in this country.

I met Keith around this time and helped him get back on his feet. Within 3 years, he is inline to produce well over $1 million of equity and $120,000 of passive income.

The amazing thing is, Keith has been able to achieve all this and still to this day, he can’t walk into a bank and qualify for a loan.

This is a truly inspirational story of what one person can do when their attitude is to never give up despite all of the challenges life throws at them.

If you want to get the full story, I had Keith present at one of my events to reveal exactly how he did it.

You can watch it now!

You probably have a lot more resources than Keith had when he got started in real estate. But Keith had two resources that many seem to miss or lack, and that is an attitude of, “I must do it now” and a mentor to assist to him.

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