August 13, 2012 by Dymphna

#30: A true and unsual story on how she created $94,581of passive income with just one deal….

One day a client came up to me at the end of an event and asked me to sign a sealed envelope.

…mmm I thought, “What is this all about?”

“What’s in the envelope?” I asked.

She didn’t want to say… She was a little embaressed by the whole situation but determined to get the job done.

I respected her privacy and signed it …and never gave it another thought.

Then one day l invited this same person to come to an event and share her amazing story.

I had completely forgotten about the ‘envelope signing event.’

She shared with the audience her journey of real estate education and the challenges she encountered.

How she accidentally got involved in real estate investing…

How she accidentally ended up in my coaching course…

How she was sceptical of investment seminars and teachers…

How she slowly began to believe…

How she set a “Crazy Goal” to replace her husbands income in just 5 years…

In this video, she revealed the results of her very first investment.

With my coaching, mentoring and one deal, she was able to achieve a passive income of $94,581(that’s $1,819 per week)!


…and at the end she opened up the sealed envelope and revealed the content.

Watch this truly inspirational story now.
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