December 10, 2013 by Dymphna 6 Comments

It’s Not All About You – Thankfully!


You know what’s fantastic? Getting such a big response from such a “little” e-letter as the last one about Natalia and Tolga…

Because it tells me quite a bit about what some of you really need to hear. So I’m going to continue to tell you what you need to hear to the best of my ability.

Now, what I’m going to say next may surprise some of you, but hear me out because it will help some of you to make a move that needs to be made.

You see, even though each Seminars, Boot Camp and Course is designed to help you get on the track toward realizing your dreams…

It’ NOT all about YOU!

Does that sound horrible? I hope not, but I’ll bet it does…

Of course, my events and coaching and all the rest are created for your benefit…

But there’s much more about it than that, and actually, quite a bit less as well.

And you’re going to thank me for it.

Here’s what I mean…

Yes, helps people just like you make big, positive changes in their lives quickly.

And yes, my students are able to remake their lives to how they want them, or at least move forward in that process…

That’s what Natalia and Tolga’s story is all about.

But the larger truth is that there are more ideas, strategies, techniques and opportunities in Seminars, Courses and Boot Camps than anyone person can take on board all at once…

And because the tax laws evolve and financial circumstances change, you will never be able to leverage or maximize everything there is in the content…

There’s just much more in there than you or anyone else will ever be able to handle at one time.

But the other side of that fact is that you don’t need to handle it all.

The process works for anybody

You just need to handle a small part of the iLoveRealEstate process to see progress and become successful. That’s the ‘much less’ part of the program… It works no matter who you are or how small you begin.

That’s why Natalia and Tolga’s story is so compelling. It was their change in attitude that made all the difference…

Remember, nothing changed until they changed their way of seeing things. But even when that moment of change happened, they were still on their way to bankruptcy, weren’t they?

The facts of their situation had not changed…yet.

But once their attitudes changed, the process was allowed to work…and, as you read in the e-letter the other day, it did.

Who you are is not important

The best part is that the process still works for them now. But it’s not designed especially for them -–or you—because who you are is not important in this context.

You see, who you are, your circumstances, your past history, all the mistakes you may or may not have made, doesn’t matter.

We are all unique individuals with our own blend of talents, desires, fears, personal insecurities and all the rest…

For instance, when you go to the doctor, your past history is very important, isn’t it?

What sports injury or what disease you may have way back when, what medication you may be on today—all of those things about you are important factors for a doctor to consider when trying to get you healthy.

But thankfully, who you are means nothing with regard to real estate or to the strategies…

Whatever happened before in your life doesn’t matter in terms of becoming successful. The only thing that matters is the process.

All the other details about your life—your failures and your disappointments–

really aren’t important regarding what happens today or tomorrow.

It’s what you DO that matters! 

So when I say it isn’t all about you, thankfully it isn’t!

It’s not who you are that matters…

It’s what you do that matters.

And fortunately, the process is “you proof.”

That means that if you or anybody else follows the process, it will work. Not just some of the time, but all of the time.

So when I tell you about any given student of mine who may have built a seven-figure real estate portfolio in a year or two…

Or a couple like Natalia and Tolga, who were in a desperate financial situation with their four children, and now are not…

It’s really the same process that I’m talking about!

Sometimes, it is ourselves, and how we choose to view ourselves, that stops us from being successful… or from even setting foot on the path to success.

Even though the process, the path that leads right where we want to go, is right before us…

So stop worrying! The process depends on only one thing: Doing it!

What does that mean for those of you who may think it won’t work for you?

Get over yourself and get started!