Inspiring Single Mother Earns $2.9 Million In Less Than Two Years As A Property Investor

Emma is a survivor. She’s been through hell and back, and she came out of it stronger than ever. To start with, she had an extremely rough upbringing. As a child, she was constantly bullied by her classmates.

As she put it:

“If I go back to the beginning, my first day of school, I was bullied. I was told I was too fat and ugly to hang out with any of the kids. That was my very first day of primary school.”

But, of course, what those kids said wasn’t true – Emma was brilliant! So, instead of befriending her classmates, she befriended her teachers.

However, she still felt that school wasn’t for her and she dropped out at 14.

This was an arduous decision for her, as even her favourite teachers – whom she considered her best friends – told her that she’d never amount to anything unless she graduated and went to university.
And yet, she stood by her decision to leave.

When Emma became a hairdresser, people looked down on her because of her career choice.

And when she then decided to start a business, people still belittled her. After all, she was 19 and a woman.

But she didn’t let it stop her.

Because of her stubbornness, Emma succeeded in being a serial entrepreneur for 15 years. And she’s also been a businesswoman mentor for 10 years.

She defied everyone’s expectations and made it farther than most people who followed the traditional life path.

But despite all this…

Emma had a lot of trauma from all the rejection and bullying she experienced when she was younger.

When it came to relationships, she just picked the first guy who didn’t treat her like trash. This led to her being in abusive relationships that negatively affected her physical and mental health.

Emma was constantly emotionally manipulated and abused. And at times, it escalated to violence.

Eventually, she got married and had a daughter… But she needed to leave her husband at some point. That’s how she became a single mum.

Now, she was already handling various businesses with clients and partners during that period. So, adding a toxic relationship and an infant daughter to the mix made her life even more challenging.

Emma soon got burnt out. She realised she needed to find a way to make money without putting in so much work.

That’s when she first looked into the world of property investing.

The Start of Emma’s Property Journey

Due to Emma’s tremendous success as an entrepreneur, she had already owned various properties. In fact, she bought her first house at twenty years old. And her next property investments followed soon enough.

However, her endeavours in this field never became successful. It’s primarily because she bought into the lie of negative gearing. Through holding and selling residential properties, she lost hundreds of thousands.
After years and years of failing in property…

And after dealing with peers and coaches insisting that real estate was the way to go…
Emma finally decided to get professional advice.

That’s when she first encountered ILRE. She joined Ultimate in January, then Platinum in February. In doing so, she learned a lot and was finally able to start her first deal with the help of her coach.

Emma’s first deal was a 16 acres plot of land in Noosa Hinterland she purchased back in August 2020. Initially, she wanted to build her dream house there. But her relationship at that time ended. It’s because a tragic event happened, and she saw her partner’s true colours.

So, she decided to cancel the build contract at the 11th hour. And instead of trying to salvage the property, she just auctioned it for $83,453.

Not the best start.

…But it gave her a clean slate for her real estate journey and enough money to find better deals.
For her second deal, Emma struck gold.

Her coach advised her to go for commercial properties since they suited her more, and she found a fantastic property. It was seven units of industrial sheds that were all under market rental by 30%-50%. While it had no leases, some units had no compliance certificates, which was an issue.

With that, Emma decided to go for two strategies:

First was putting leases in place. But it took four months for the new tenants to occupy the units. The second strategy was refinancing with new value to get a chunk deal.

This wasn’t a perfect deal, but Emma uplifted its value by $888,455 and got an annual positive cash flow of $124,314.

It was the first profitable real estate deal she closed. And it was enough to motivate her to push forward.

Dream PPR and Commercial Drought

Emma’s third deal was a PPR property deal – an amazing beach house she’d dreamed about since she was a child. It had a huge walk-in robe, a pool and slide, and a big backyard.

The asking price for the property was over 2.2 million… But she whittled it down to 1.85 million.
With this purchase, she felt that she finally had the stability and safety she desired for herself and her daughter. It was the first time she had felt this since she was a child.

But as is common in life, not everything was sunshine and rainbows.

Emma’s first commercial deal left her with an unattainable standard that she continued to chase. She couldn’t do deals because the ones she found never met her expectations.

That’s where Tam came through and helped Emma look at things through a different lens. She soon realised that she needed to learn to look at deals differently and stop looking for problem properties.
And after reevaluating, she finally found some fruitful opportunities.

Her fourth deal was a property unit block she purchased in November 2022.

They were all permanent rentals, but she made the tenants move. It’s because her strategy was to convert it into short-term rentals as the leases expire and help the current tenants locate. After that, she would strata title and then sell.

The projected profit for this deal is $700,000.

Emma’s fifth and latest deal is a commercial property deal for office and retail tenancies. They’re under-market rentals and have no leases. Her strategy was to get new leases, revalue, and then hold. Or, it could get a strata title and she’ll do a partial sell-down.

The expected profit for this deal is $565,000.

A Changed Life

Before joining ILRE, Emma was working herself to death with her various businesses while taking care of her daughter alone. As a result, she was so stressed and burnt out that she lost direction. But, Dymphna was able to help her get back on the right path.

Emma said:

“Before I joined I Love Real Estate I was in a not-very-healthy place. My biggest life change from going through ILRE is that I have now been able to create so much passive income. I don’t have to work if I don’t want to, and it means that I’m able to make better choices and spend more time with my daughter.”

Before working with Dymphna, she had properties valued at $850,000 and owned an equity of $286,000, with no passive cash flow. It was respectable. But she wouldn’t be able to do much with it.

But after working with Dymphna, she had properties valued at $8,755,000, owned equity of $4,158,000, and finally had a positive annual cash flow of $361,414.

And mind you… Emma achieved this in less than two years!

At this point in her life, she finally feels safe with her new PPR. Even better, her successes gave her a huge boost in confidence. She can now spend more time with her daughter and can go on holidays and vacations.

Moreover, her physical and mental well-being are in peak condition. She’s now taking better care of her body, and she no longer breaks down in the face of challenges.

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These stories and the results in them were captured at a specific point in time. The real estate market and the investing strategies used to succeed are constantly changing. The achievements and results of these investors may have changed since these stories were recorded. Each of these investors engaged in in-depth training, coaching and mentoring to be able to achieve these results. Their results are not typical and should not be taken as a guarantee of the results you may achieve. Your personal results will be in-line with the training, education and hard work that you personally conduct.

“I have now been able to create so much passive income I don’t have to work if I don’t want to. And it means that I’m able to make better choices and spend more time with my daughter.”



Value: $850,000
Equity: $286,000
Cashflow: $0



Value: $1,850,000
Equity: $810,000
Cashflow: $0

All Current Investment Properties
Value: $2,300,000
Equity: $1,433,000
Cashflow: $124,314

Projected Deals
Value: $4,605,000
Equity: $3,950,000
Cashflow: $202,100

Value: $8,755,000
Equity: $4,158,000
Cashflow: $361,414