May 18, 2017 by Dymphna

How you can get ahead of the curve on housing changes that are about to happen

With the great Australian housing crisis still driving prices up and making it harder for people to get into the market it makes sense that there are people around the country looking for solutions.

Changes are afoot in the landscape of Australian housing.

Being ahead of this curve is critical if you want to stay current as an investor.

More importantly, if you get ahead of some of these changes then you can set yourself up to ride the wave of change.

Those who don’t catch this wave will struggle to catch up… while you make it look easy…

It all comes down to timing.

This podcast is all about a new event coming up that will allow you to get on the inside track to some of these changes.

You’ll discover:

  • The house (that’s had over 3000 people through it) that’s packed with new innovations for sustainability and energy
  • The new house designs that can return 10%, 12% and 13% on your investment
  • The new Bike that has no pedals and will change local transport and commuting
  • How you can get a block of land for $50k
  • And how you can see two houses being build at the event – one that will cost less than 20k
  • And much much more.

Get ahead of the curve – listen now.


If you want to book yourself into this even go here: Future Housing Taskforce – This Changes Everything – Register Today