February 23, 2017 by Dymphna 1 Comment

[PODCAST] How Ultra-Safe Investments Turn Negative $34k to $57,000 Positive Cashflow in 18 Months

Can you imagine how hard life would be when you earn $75 a year but over $34,000 of that income was sucked up by negatively geared properties.

It’s pretty hard to raise a family of a wife and 3 kids at the best of times but on what’s left after that outlay, tax, bills…

That’s doing it pretty tough.

In today’s podcast you’ll learn how Roger took that situation
and turned the whole thing around.

—> How he went from $34,000 negative cashflow…

—> To $57,000 positive cashflow in 18 months.

—> How he controlled one deal for just $90k and ended up with $224,000 profit after 18 months. (That’s 3 times his salary.)

–> and much, much more…


Now some people are gung-ho when it comes to property
and take big risks.

Roger’s not one of those.

He’s ultra-conservative and risk averse yet he’s still
created these fantastic results.

If you are scared to take a risk and want to be very careful
with your money then you need to listen to this podcast