February 14, 2017 by Dymphna 8 Comments

[PODCAST] How to Create $65000 Passive Income In Only 10 Months

Imagine being $200k negative equity and Negative cashflow to the tune of $1200 a week.

Can you imagine the stress of that kind of financial burden weighing on you day in day out… It’s got to be crippling right?

Combine that with the town home prices going backward 30% in a matter of a couple of years and everyone around being negative and in a bad way.

Some people would let that get the better of them but not today’s couple.

In fact through a mix of tenacity, inspiration and enthusiasm they managed to create 90k equity and $65,000 passive income in just 10 months, with another $25,000 passive income and even more equity in the pipeline for the next 6 months.

Just talk a minute to consider what another $65k would mean to you and your life right now…

That’s money you never have to work for…

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In today’s podcast you’ll learn:

—> How they turned their negative equity and hugely negative cashflow PPR into a cash cow making them $8000 passive income a year

—> How they used the same strategy on another house to make another $12k passive income… and they don’t even own this one!

—> How they bought a house for just $90,000 and added another $90,000 (effectively doubling it’s value) in just 2 months… all while both working full time.

—> How they then turned this house into another $4500 passive income, allowing them to keep the house in their portfolio

—> and much, much more

This is an inspiring one from a young couple who have achieved so much in such a short period of time. Amazing stuff.