August 8, 2017 by Dymphna

[VIDEO] How a woman who used to queue for charity food turned just $13,000 into almost a million in equity and six figures of passive income in just 3.5 years!

Corina Sell grew up poor. She remembers queuing with her mother for their 10 items of charity food, and always struggling to make ends meet.

When her mother passed away when Corina was just 15 years old, things went from bad to worse. At one point, she had to take three days off school because she couldn’t even afford the bus fare and she was too embarrassed to ask for help.

As a young woman, Corina had been waiting on her mother’s inheritance to make a start of her own, but when she found out that her estranged father had lost the inheritance in his business, she was devastated.

If ever anyone had an excuse to feel sorry for themselves, it was Corina. But she had no appetite for excuses, and having read Dymphna Boholt’s story, she thought, “if she can achieve all that as a single mum with a baby in tow, I can do anything!”

And so she signed up for Dymphna’s program, on the payment plan, though even that was a struggle some months. However she was determined to make it work, and her results have been nothing less than spectacular.

Starting with just $13,000 in savings, Corina has managed to turn a focus on creative, no-money-down deals into $900,000 in equity, and over $100,000 pa in passive income.

She is not that poor little girl anymore.