June 22, 2019 by Dymphna

[Haters get ready] The TRUTH about getting rich

This email might inspire you to the greatest heights of your life.

Or it could leave you bitter and angry.

Either way, it’s the truth and I’m going to say it.

You deal with it any way you like.

The reason more Australians aren’t rich is because …

… most Australians don’t have the motivation required to be rich.

Dreams come true with the right motivation.

And the right motivation inspires us to take our lives soaring to new heights.

Here’s what it meant for me.

When I was younger, my daughter inspired me to leave the long hours in my small tax practice behind and create wealth through property.

I had massive motivation.

I had energy, drive and truckload of enthusiasm.

And I did it in 18 months.

Jason Byron was the same. He was working as a cameraman filming rugby matches.

The hours were long, the work was boring and frankly it didn’t pay terribly well.

He knew he wanted more. He had the motivation to get more.

Today Jason has transformed his life.

He works half the hours, and he loves what he does so much he hardly calls it work.

He loves it so much he now finds people with the right motivation how to do it too.

What about you?

Not earning enough?

Worried you won’t have a big enough nest egg when you retire?

Maybe you’re young and you don’t want to work for the next 30 years like your parents.

Perhaps you want to be a better parent, send your kids to the best school and spend time with them instead of seeing them briefly in the evening.

There are thousands of reasons you might have to be rich.

If one of them is strong enough then you’ll do it.

And your first step is getting an education.

Let Jason show you what he did. The best part is, if money is your biggest motivation because you don’t have a huge income or plenty of savings then Jason has strategies to get started with no money at all.