From Two Financial Disasters to a Bright Financial Future through Real Estate!

Beverle was terrified of being unemployable after 50 – and having an insecure financial future as she heads into retirement. Here’s how she used real estate to create a bright financial future.

Life can ‘throw many bricks at us’, in the form of unexpected problems and disasters. But it’s how we handle them – our attitude and actions – that determines where we end up.

Beverle’s property investing journey began in 2001 with the purchase of a modest townhouse in Balmoral, QLD. “I did my own research and decided to invest as it was a high cash flow option – it generated a bit of extra income for me and my family,” explains Beverle. “Despite a few problems over the years, that first property in Balmoral has remained a good investment and had good equity growth over the years.”

Beverle had a vision of the kind of future she wanted for her family, so was continually looking at different options to get there.

“I’ve always loved learning – I even dabbled in shares for a while… but I found it wasn’t really a passion of mine, so I decided to concentrate on property,” said Beverle. “Around the mid 2000’s I realised that our investments were not doing much for us – they weren’t hurting but not really helping that much either… we weren’t growing. I decided I wanted to ramp things up and speed things along, and began to think of ways to do this,”

Despite this positive intention – things took a turn for the worse in 2010.

“In 2010 a couple of bad decisions really hit us hard. I’d bought a house and land package in a mining town but my timing was out and unfortunately the mining boom had come to an end. We had an equity loss of $100k which as you can imagine was quite a blow!”

“Around the same time, I’d also invested in a startup business. I thought that it would be a good idea to get another stream of income happening… But within 12 months that business had gone bust which hit us with another $60k loss.”

Like many people who ‘go it alone’ in wealth creation, without support from a mentor, Beverle had made a few classic mistakes.

For example, insufficient due diligence and purchasing property in personal names. Both of which have proven costly and stressful.

And life’s punches kept on raining down on the MacLeod family:

“In 2015 I suddenly found myself out of work and my husband had been involuntarily retired for some years. This was another scary financial hit and a massive emotional blow. We didn’t have a big safety buffer in terms of savings and we were still trying to manage our debt, so the pressure was quickly reaching breaking point. I felt a lot of fear around the future… Fear of being unemployable after fifty was a big one.” said Beverle.

“I had a fear of not being able to support and provide for our children, who were going off to University. We only had a small cash fund for emergencies, so I was worried about the future. It was a very unsettling time and my health was starting to suffer as a result of all the stress,”

It was around this time that Beverle knew she had to do something to pick herself back up and turn things around. “Luckily I found myself a good counsellor who helped me change my mindset and start to believe that I am worth investing in.”

With her new learnings and mindset, Beverle engaged more closely with Dymphna Boholt and the I Love Real Estate Community.

“I was already a member and decided that it was time to get some extra help. I was tired of always trying it out on my own and I knew I had gaps in my knowledge. I could see the value in getting some more in-depth mentoring from Dymphna and the I Love Real Estate community,” said Beverle.

Now with a supportive community and proven strategies and processes to follow, things have started to turn around for Beverle.

“Firstly, I did a JV (Joint Venture) with mixed success but it did make some profit… just not as much as we were hoping.”

Reno, Subdivision & DA

They bought a house in Tahmoor and renovated the house, and sub-divided the backyard and sold it with a DA. (Development Approval).

This project took 12 months and they ended up with $45,000 profit, so not bad. But they were building their knowledge and the next deal turned out much better.

4 Townhouse DA

“With help from my coach, I then bought a property on the Central Coast, NSW which I sold with a DA for 4 townhouses. This deal made around 19% ROI in 12 months.”

This project took 12 months and gave her around 35% cash on cash return. Beverle was over the moon with this result. Not just the financial gain – which was great – but the increased confidence.

“This whole experience has given me a new level of trust and confidence in my own skills, and financial future. It’s allowed me to pay down debt, build up a savings account and help my daughter out with her wedding. I even get to make bigger contributions to my church and my chosen charities,” said Beverle.

“I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief… I can see a compelling, safe and secure future for me and my family.”

“And I get to have a lot of fun along the way as we continue this journey with a community of like-minded people,” said Beverle.

This ability to create ‘wealth on demand’ has clearly given Beverle a new level of confidence in her own financial future.

And as she says: “I’ve learned a lot of things on my property journey:

1. You can be profitable even if you make mistakes but you must do everything possible in due diligence and have a plan.

2. Multiple exit strategies are paramount.

3. You cannot see the future exactly. Listen to your heart when you make a decision. If your heart is uncomfortable then it may not be the right decision. If your heart is peaceful then trust that even if the result is not as expected, it will be OK.”

Well done Beverle, and we look forward to hearing about her next big property successes – as she’s planning a big year in 2018.

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These stories and the results in them were captured at a specific point in time. The real estate market and the investing strategies used to succeed are constantly changing. The achievements and results of these investors may have changed since these stories were recorded. Each of these investors engaged in in-depth training, coaching and mentoring to be able to achieve these results. Their results are not typical and should not be taken as a guarantee of the results you may achieve. Your personal results will be in-line with the training, education and hard work that you personally conduct.

“Listen to your heart when you make a decision. If your heart is uncomfortable then it may not be the right decision. “

A Brighter Future

Final Results 2013 2017
Armidale – 3 br house $250,000 $300,000
Balmoral – 2 br townhouse $430,000 $430,000
Dalby – 4 br house $340,000 $250,000
PPR $850,000 $1,650,000
Equity $830,000 $1,695,000
Income Neutral Slightly negative
Debt/Cash Debt $90,000 $145,000 Cash
SMSF N/A $200,000