Melinda & Joseph

From Survival Mode To $620,000 In Just Two Years!

Having both been raised in very modest homes Melinda and Joseph aspired to build a more secure and golden life for their family. Though they had their share of obstacles and stumbles, they dared to dream and are testament to what a mindset shift can do.

Joseph and Melinda collided in an intentional and magical way. Melinda was a sole parent of two young girls and every night she put pen to paper to manifest her ideal partner and future.

Otherworldy forces delivered, and she began dating Joseph in what was a whirldwind romance. Having quickly identified they were both very much on the same life page, they married soon after. A son was born and they became a beautiful and bustling family of five.

Pre Dymphna portfolio

Before joining Dymphna Boholt’s community the couple had purchased what they viewed as a buy and hold investment property in 2014 for $275,000.

They also bought and built a home for themselves in 2017 for a total cost of $480,000. They didn’t know it yet but that property would almost double in value ove the next few years.

But in the meantime, the strain of the double mortgage was weighing heavily on their finances, andthey worried how on earth they would get ahead.

The daily grind

Melinda was working shift work as a midwife with a sizable commute. She often wouldn’t see Joseph for days on end.

It’s an all too common catchphrase for working parents of young children to describe themselves as passing ships in the night.

They found they were chipping away at their mortgages, though not sustainably. They could feel themselves burning out.

Their goal was to live mortgage free but they felt anxious; how would they keep up with both mortgages without something giving way? They wanted to prioritise their family and build the future they were dreaming of.

Opportunity knocks

The timing was impecable. Dymphna Boholt popped up on Facebook offering an alternative way to do things. Clocking these new pathways, Melinda and Joseph identified value and decided to explore the opportunities presented to them.

Some equity had been created in their existing properties and they had $2,000 in cash – they came to Dymphna ready to explore their options.

“Selling the property gave us a chunk of money to move forward. It was our little gold mine.” – Melinda

Deal 1 – A quick little touch up

After working through the training materials, they realised there were things they could do to free themselves up on the properties they had.

There saw they could create an equity uplift by carrying out a cosmetic reno on the original investment property they had purchased in 2014.

It was a smart move that earned them $200,000.

They had the bug. Real estate they decided, was absolutely for them. Melinda and Joseph felt compelled to continue their Dymphna Boholt journey.

Gifts of love

Sometimes tragedy offers up a silver lining. When Melinda’s step father passed away, he left Melinda with a substantial sum. It became a financial legacy that would spur them on towards building their ideal family home.

This was a gift they could leverage to turn their dreams into reality.

Deal 2 – Making moves towards freedom

They soon realised that they needed to let their first investment property go in order to free up cashflow and move them ever closer to their future vision.

Everything seemingly lined up. They had a great coach and great legal team. They had even built alliances with the right real estate agents.

Unbeknowst to them, they were about to be met with adversity.

Around this point, Covid had started infiltrating the country. On top of that, Joseph required spinal surgery which left him unable to work, and limited what he could achive physically.

Melinda had reached a place of burn out in her job and needed some down time.

The speed they had been working at suddenly shifted back to second gear.

On the up side, time spent recouperating (in between homeschooling) enabled Joseph to scout for new deals.

He spied one and though it seemed like a huge task on top of everything else, they went for it.

Painting the house inside and out proved vitally therapeutic for their minds and as they tucked $72,000 into their pockets for just 12 weeks work, their bank balance and confidence started to flourish.

“Spinal surgery gave me time to look for deals. We found one holding $72K and took it.” – Joseph

Deal 3

The couple’s negotiation skills had been sharpened through their training. They’d also developed their relationship with an estate agent. In July 2021 this relationship turned up another renovation deal, which they purchased for $310,000.

Originally, it didn’t look like the numbers would stack up. But on considering it after the uplift they achieved on their second deal, they realised that it might actually work.

“Dymphna’s work has made us do our mind work too. We’ve learnt so much about the importance of mindset.” – Melinda

After a quick cosmetic renovation, harnessing what they had learnt from the previous deal, the put the property back on the market, in October 2021, just 9 weeks after they had purchased it.

Selling for $475,000, they turned a tidy profit of $123,000, announcing to everyone that they really meant business.

Final results

Reflecting on the journey to date Melinda recounts,“If it doesn’t challenge you , it doesn’t change you.”

Learning how to wire their minds for success has been a significant part of the process for Melinda and Joseph. They have learnt that regardless of variable circumstances – education, mindset, belief and community are the tickets to success.

The knowledge and community they have acquired empowers their family. They are modelling to their children what is possible.

The uplift generated has been outstanding despite life’s setbacks and complications; having created $620,000 in just two years proves that this determined pair can really do anything they put their minds to.

“We believe we can achieve anything we desire. We’ve learnt so much more than real estate.” – Melinda

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These stories and the results in them were captured at a specific point in time. The real estate market and the investing strategies used to succeed are constantly changing. The achievements and results of these investors may have changed since these stories were recorded. Each of these investors engaged in in-depth training, coaching and mentoring to be able to achieve these results. Their results are not typical and should not be taken as a guarantee of the results you may achieve. Your personal results will be in-line with the training, education and hard work that you personally conduct.

“We believe we can achieve anything we desire. We’ve learnt so much more than real estate.”



Value: $480,000
Loan: $480,000
Equity: $0

Investment Property
Value: $360,000
Loan: $260,000
Equity: $100,000

Value: $10,000
Loan: $0
Equity: $10,000

Total Equity Position: $110,000


Value: $900,000
Loan: $470,000
Equity: $430,000

Value: $300,000

Total Equity Position: $730,000