August 14, 2023 by Dymphna

Generating $82k Paydays as a broke jobber.

When James’ business and career suddently went under, he found himself saddled with $300,000 worth of personal debt, and no income or hope of ever paying it off.

Even though he turned to property to make it back up, with such a dire starting point, he wondered if there was any way out of the hole.

Through I Love Real Estate James was able to find a partner to get his journey moving, he finds the property, they put up the money, he works his ass off on the renovation, then they split the profit when they sell.

Sounds simple enough, maybe even too good to be true, but James uses this strategy to generate $82,000 paydays with insane turnaround times.

Today we’re interviewing James to see how he does it, and what he’s got planning next.

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