June 19, 2013 by Dymphna 4 Comments

Episode #53: Property Investors – Clean Up Your Back Yard !!!

We need to talk about things that very few people ever think about or rarely take care of. I asked Derek Sky from Pacific Law to join me and help avoid succession planning disasters that could cost your a lot of money.

  • 40% of people die without a will, don’t let this happen to you.
  • How to create and effective Will
  • Why you should never buy and  use the “over the counter” will from newsagents.
  • How a Will protects your property empire for generation to come and ensures your family members benefit.
  • How to create an effective succession process that must be included in your Will.
  • Where you should keep your Will… Very important !!
  • How to freeze out “gold digging” in-laws, son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws from getting at your kid’s assets…you’ll love this.
  • Plus much, much, more …