The I Love Real Estate Property Games

We hear a lot about how entitled Millennials are. How they’d rather have a smashed avocado breakfast than to do a hard days work. How they’re too fussy to live anywhere without 4.5 bathrooms and Smeg appliances.

So we decided to put them to the test.

“Anyone can do it”, Dymphna said.

“Surely not anyone can be a property investor. It takes a bit of skill. It takes some business acumen and a head for numbers, right?”

“Nope. Anyone can do it. I don’t care if you dropped out of Primary school. If you’ve got a will there’s a way.”

“Ok, but surely you need to be a little bit world-wise. You need a level head and some life-experience you can draw on.”

“No way. I don’t care how young you are. Age is no barrier. Kids today are much more capable than we give them credit for.”

“Alright, but they at least have to be starting from a reasonable financial position, don’t they? They need to have at least some equity to work with, right?”

“Absolutely not. Property can turn your financial situation completely around, no matter where you’re starting from.”

“Come on, Dymphna. Are you saying that if I gave you a young man or woman, fresh out of school, with no relevant skills, and saddled with debt, you could turn them into a successful property investor?”

“Absolutely. 100%. The only crucial ingredient is guts. Give me someone with guts and I’ll make a property investor out of them quick smart.”

“Want to make a bet?”

This is how The Property Games was born. Dymphna wanted to make a point. With investment master Kevin Doodney by her side (and a couple of glasses of wine in her belly), Dymphna launched The Property Games.

The idea is simple. Take some kids fresh out of high-school, and give them full access to the armoury room of property investing. Let them have access to everything we know about making money in real estate. Give them around the clock mentoring, and then just let them loose on the market.

Show us what you’ve got guys.

The Property Games pushed our contestants to the limits of physical, financial and emotional endurance. We challenged them. We asked them to dig deep.

And they didn’t disappoint.

Some of the results were amazing. Brooke, a cattle girl from Charters Towers, effectively created a $1,000 per month passive income stream!

And there was a consistent theme that runs throughout. If you give kids the tools to connect with their authentic drives and desires, then they can do anything.

Life for a 19 year old isn’t easy at the best of times. The hormones are pumping. You’re still figuring out who you are and who you want to be. The pressures of The Property Games would push these young men and women to their limits.

And everything you’re about to read here is an authentic investor experience. With the same training, anyone could replicate these outstanding results. These kids had no extra money to play with or special lines of credit. They had no one pulling favours behind the scenes.

All they had was the best education system on the planet, and Kevin and Dymphna urging them on.

You will read here how each contestant navigated the highs and lows of high-stakes investing. Deals fell through, renovations blew out the budget, their self- belief was tested.

Demons from the past resurfaced.

The dollar figure results are mixed. Naomi posted a half million dollar profit, while Emma came within a finger nail of landing a million dollar deal, but just couldn’t get it across the line in time.

However, there is a consistent theme in every contestant’s story. Property investing forced them to face their own demons, and to find the strength to step confidently and independently into adulthood.

As Jack says, “It made me the man I am.”

In that sense, every contestant’s journey here is a triumph.

The 2016 Property Games competitors at the Annual I Love Real Estate Super Confererence. From left, Jack, Samantha, Emma, Jayden, Murray and Naomi .

The 2017 Property Games competitors at their home for the year, Couran Cove. From left, Chanel, Baris, Kirsten, Ted, Liam, Brooke and Becca .

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