You will be mentored by the best property investment experts in the Australia and learn the best strategies to achieve outstanding results. More than that, you are joining a vibrant community of investors for advice, friendship, joint ventures and partnerships.

Cutting-edge, hands on, dynamic one-on-one 12 month mastermind coaching program, designed to bring together an exclusive group of real estate millionaires. By invitation only.

The Platinum Accelerator program has been carefully crafted by Australia’s leading property experts.

Success is not an accident. Achievement of your goals is a systematic process. When you follow this process you will see how each step builds on the one before. We know it will eliminate inefficiencies in your process, as well as guarantee a success blueprint for you to follow regardless of your starting point or your desired end destination. You will be formulating your own goals, your own plan and your own strategies, and ultimately, your own success by following the Platinum Accelerator program.