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Dymphna and Helena at the recent members-only iLoveRealEstate annual conference reveal how you can safely, effectively and profitably lower your renovation costs and substantially increase your profit. The offer that was made at the event is still available for members only. Watch the video to see for yourself how you make extra profits with every project you build going forward. You can outbid the competition and still make more money than them - if you follow this unique process.

We offered this back in January for a very limited time, and we closed it off. However, a few Ultimate Members missed out. We hate that!  So for a limited time only we have re-opened the offer and it's still available to you at an amazing price. 

The expiry date for the offer is now the 28th of June, 2019

Just some of what you'll discover on this brand-new importing training for property investors:

Streamlined Sourcing

  • Finding high quality, established and reliable suppliers willing to work with you to get the best results possible
  • Samples and Specs and Slick new products Whether buying off the shelf, taking existing products to suit you better or developing new products to your specifications, discover how to make sure you're checking all the boxes for a streamlined process ow and down the track.
  • Plus how to correctly manage ordering samples to check quality.
  • Mastering MOQ's: Negotiating the minimum order quantities you need and how to get the supplier to work with you on this.
  • And much, much more...

Manufacturing Mastery

  • Ordering your line, paying through the Chinese firewall safely and managing milestones along the way that will keep your production moving and your money safe.
  • Want to see your products being made?What you need to know to visit the manufacturer's factory to develop products, check conditions or view your production line.
  • End to end quality control. What you need to have in place to ensure quality from the very first off the line to the last.
  • You'll get all Helena's tricks and tips for avoiding all the pitfalls of working with overseas manufacturers and overcoming the language barriers.
  • Agents - the good the bad and the ugly. Do you need an agent? How do you find a good agent and then how do you know if they are finding you the best possible solutions?

Handsfree Logistics Mastery

  • How to get all your goods together in one place (from all over China) at the right time, read for packing and shipping
  • How the pros manage Chinese logistics to get your products on board and ready for shipping
  • Meeting the customers, quarantine and clearance requirements in Australia to make sure there are zero unnecessary delays getting your containers through clearance and delivered to you in short order.
  • Using or distributing your Products in Australia.
  • Meeting your obligations and mitigating your risks when using or distributing and selling your products in Australia.
  • And much, much more

Limited Time Offer For Ultimate Members Only


  • SYDNEY: Sat 29th - 30th June, 2019 (Recording)
  • BRISBANE: Sat 7th - 8th September, 2019


  • Ticket to the LIVE Event
  • Private Members' Only Facebook Group
  • Lifetime access to all membership content and updates
  • Monthly Live Training Q&A Calls
  • Total Investment Today - $3995

I Love Real Estate Members - Exclusive Offer

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*Note: This is a special deal only being offered to Ultimate members and is not available to the general public. The general public $3995. So if you want the lowest price possible for this training we suggest you do it now.​

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Hi I'm Helena...

... and over the last 6 years I have been importing building materials and furniture from China.

Being a designer, property developer and running an architectural business means I am very particular about quality and compliance.

I started through Bunning’s Smart Space Houses, discovering the huge opportunities China had to offer.

I found many luxury brands being manufactured in China, opening my eyes to many high quality Australian compliant products available.

The money I save means higher profits. I can also afford much higher quality finishes. On every project I save money and increase my bottom line.

This often runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars saved on the Australian price for the equivalent product.

What I will offer you are my first hand experiences, my wins and my mistakes and in the process give you a few shortcuts to get started in China without being burnt. Importing building materials for your projects and investments can be very lucrative. Many of the largest building companies and developers in Australia do it for a very good reason…it increases their profits!