November 2, 2016 by Dymphna 1 Comment

Creating The Best Uplift: Is Old Or New Better?

At some point in your property career you will have to ask yourself this question:

New Vs Old… which is better?

At some point everyone will encounter this.

Do I buy new or old…

If I buy new do I buy house and land or buy land
and build?

If I buy old, where is the best place to buy and
what is the best house to buy.

Today I discuss this question with one of my students and a very experienced
investor in her own right.

…and we try to get to the bottom of this pretty complex question.

In today’s podcast you’ll discover:

—> Why house and land can be easier, especially if you are new to property… BUT
what you must watch out for.
—> where most people come unstuck buying house and land and
—> the kind of investment strategy you’ll need to be using to make this kind of investment work for you.

You’ll also discover:

—> The pitfalls of building yourself (getting a builder) and what you need to be careful of to not get stung.
—> one of the biggest reasons why building in an established area can pay off big time if you choose the right area (probably not what you think)
—> The one thing you need to consider in your designs to get maximum returns upon sale or re-valuation.
—> The best new building materials to consider that will save you money… unless you are in this one state in Australia.
Then we talk about buying established property:

—> Where to start to get the biggest uplift.
—> The best bones: choosing one old property over another to get the best increase in value if you renovate… not all properties are made equal – even if they are neighbours.
—> Why building reports are essential but can often mislead you – what you need to know.
—> The tests you can to do to choose the right area and the right house.
—> The 3 things that make the biggest impact for the least cash input.

This is a big – action packed podcast today.

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