How to value expertise

It’s hard to value an expert’s services when you don’t know much about their industry. Here’s a few tips. There’s a joke I’ve always loved. ‘A machine breaks at a factory. It’s a vitally important machine and activity grinds to a halt. So they call in the repair guy. The repair guy arrives and spends […]

Make Your Money Work Hard For You!

Making your money work hard for you should start with your very first home. “Fair enough”, you say, but what should your first home look like? What should it do for you and how can it move up the property ladder? The fact is, too many people try to buy their dream home straight away, […]

#46: Trophy Properties and Lazy Equity

What sort of properties should a first-home-buyer be looking at? How to avoid sitting on “lazy equity” How to have hard-working, conscientious money working for you Why every single property should be a stepping-stone to the next deal How smart, educated real estate investing can set you free in 5-10 years (not 20-30) Download […]

Sad real estate mistakes… Then BOOM!

Today I want to tell you a very recent and true story of two of my students, Julie-Anne and Anthony. These two have learned–quite painfully, I might add–what not to do in real estate investing. No, they didn’t do anything horrible or unethical, they just didn’t know what they needed to know to succeed. I […]

Should You Own Or Rent Your Home?

I want to talk about a dilemma that so many people face in their real estate investing decision process. In fact, I faced the same dilemma myself when I found myself divorced and hard up for cash. The dilemma is simply this: What if you can only afford to buy one property? Not two or […]

#42: Should you buy a home to live in or an investment property?

Special Guest: Ian Ugarte One of my most-asked questions: Should you buy a house to live in or an investment property? Investing your way into your “dream home” How to mathematically calculate the best option for you Stamp duty and capital gains considerations Why the market cycle will influence your decision Can you buy an investment […]