SUCCESS SERIES: Sack Your Boss and Live Your Passion TODAY (This guy did it) My success series continues… Brad Cassidy, high-flying corporate executive earning a huge pay packet recently quit his job to focus 100% of his energies on real estate… and his passion, health and fitness. What made the jump possible? That’s simple. His success in real estate in the last three years. Brad’s a young, energetic […]

SUCCESS SERIES: From Negative Gearing Slave to a Positive Cashflow Future I’m going to take a brand-new direction with my iLoveRealEstate Podcast this year. I’m going to dig in to my extensive group of successful real estate investors and start putting it out there to all of you to show you what’s possible. Some of the results my students are getting are PHENOMENAL! Personally, I […]

Sue’s Amazing Cashflow Positive Transformation

[niceyoutubelite id=”LZlOAu5CX_0″] I first met Sue in 2009. She and her partner, Phil both came from a background in the film industry doing freelance work. They got a slap in the face when the GFC turned their investments around and left them with a lot of debt!! They didn’t have any 10 year plan and […]

When The Smallest Success Becomes The Biggest Of All

Today I want to tell you about a different kind of success story… It’s a success story that is only just beginning to unfold, but there’s a very specific reason I want to talk about it. Yes, I like to tell you about the more intricate details of real estate investing, whether it’s doing splitters […]

Your Future Is In Your Hands!

Never doubt the power of an encouraging word…or a discouraging one. As any of my students will tell you, I’m a big believer in setting out your goals in such a way that you are able to accomplish them and build upon your success… And I help my students apply the power of visualization as […]

Strata-Gise BEFORE You Buy!

It’s happened again… A real estate student of mine joins my coaching after having put a tonne of money into a property investment that has gone south… The plan was simple enough. He wanted to change the property from Torrens title to several individual strata titles, which is a fantastic way to add value to […]