Getting To “Yes” In Real Estate Investing

How do you get to “yes” when it comes to real estate investing? Let me explain what I’m talking about… The “Yes” I’m referring to is when you’re asked if you are a real estate investor, earning passive income and getting ready to pull the pin on your job… You can address that question with […]

Selling Your Property in a Changing Market

I want to talk about some of the pitfalls and obstacles that come into play when you’re selling a property. Now, it’s important to understand that things never stay the same for very long; conditions and factors in the market are always changing. That’s just the nature of how the economy works. The real estate […]

#41: As Buyer CONFIDENCE Returns, How Best to SELL Your Property

Special Guest: Grant from Mooloolaba Real Estate Why you should look for a RICH real estate agent Should you sell PRIVATELY or through AUCTION? Understanding and NEGOTIATING agent commissions How many properties are sold up to 14 days AFTER the auction The difference between selling a HOME vs. INVESTMENT Auction-day strategy: Bid EARLY or WAIT till the […]