How to build a slum

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Melbourne inner-city apartment market, and right now, there’s red flags going up all over the place. I’m talking CBD high-rise apartment towers. It’s a funny market. It seems to be marching completely to the beat of it’s own drum. And I’m not sure I like where it’s […]

A Common Development Project Pitfall

Last time I talked about an member who is shifting her investment strategy from “low-end cashies” to property development… I explained why it’s not a bad idea to shift from one strategy to another… Just don’t risk your entire portfolio and cash flow on a development project that hasn’t paid off yet. That got […]

Two Duplexes…Or One 4-Plex?

As a beginning real estate investor, once you get those first few rental homes in your portfolio… Almost inevitably, your next goal is to start buying multi-family properties, isn’t it? And why not? Multi-family properties give investors more bang for the buck, right? The answer is…it depends. On the face of it, buying four rental […]

The MEGA-MILLIONAIRE Track – Is Commercial Your Next BIG DEAL?

If you’re me, you always want to be learning more, doing more and mastering new things… And if you’ve been successful in residential property—and by successful, I mean you’ve done the splitters and the multi-family build outs, and you are well past the million-dollar net worth mark and then some—you may want to go bigger. […]