Get paid for your vision

Living the dream is closer than you think. People often make the mistake of thinking that property investing is a purely technical game. It’s not. In fact, it’s more art than science. The science is important, don’t get me wrong. You need to know if the numbers stack up. But you’re very rarely making the […]

Are the kids staying at home longer? Nope.

Shedding a bit of light on the myth that kids are forced to stay home longer. Housing affordability is one of those issues that is often plagued by more emotion than fact. And I get that. Your housing situation speaks to how secure you feel in the world. You have every reason to get emotional […]

Maybe you’re lucky you missed the boat..?

How to time the market perfectly and go broke. The thing to remember about real estate is that it’s possible to lose money in every market. Obviously, you’ve got to try a little harder to lose money in some markets more than others. You’ve got to search a little harder for those properties that are […]

10 Tricks For Killer Win-Win Negotiation

  Negotiations are the juice that powers all serious property investing. It’s the lube that greases the wheels of the property machine. I’ve heard it said that we negotiate every day for every thing we do… but most people never realise that’s what’s happening… That’s why not many people are actually good at it. …and […]