[PODCAST] My proven formula for creating the life you want

We, as humans, have specific abilities and traits. This isn’t meant to be a biology or psychology lesson, I mention it just to say this: We are all affected by these traits every day and you can either use them to your advantage or you let them work to your disadvantage. It’s up to you […]

[PODCAST] Nasty Insurance Loopholes and How To Avoid Them

Sadly insurance companies are widely known for playing dirty and using ‘iffy’ loopholes to get out of paying for claims. It also is worth mentioning that most people don’t understand insurance or how to do it right (including many insurance brokers). When you understand the different kinds of insurance there are and how to best […]

10 Tricks For Killer Win-Win Negotiation

  Negotiations are the juice that powers all serious property investing. It’s the lube that greases the wheels of the property machine. I’ve heard it said that we negotiate every day for every thing we do… but most people never realise that’s what’s happening… That’s why not many people are actually good at it. …and […]

Housing affordability is NOT the issue – Here’s the fix for your kids

  I stumbled across a great article from the Sydney morning herald the other day, dating back to 1992 It was calling Australia and one of the most expensive places to buy real estate… in the world. The article went on to say that Sydney house prices were becoming unattainable and questioned how young people […]

17 tax deductions you may not be taking full advantage of

You probably know that before I dedicated myself to property – in my former life – I was an accountant. So I have a built in automatic reaction now to sit up and take notice when it’s coming up to tax time. First of all, let me say that most people (including accountants) think in […]