June 17, 2016 by Dymphna 2 Comments

Do this and you can get a discount on almost any property


Most people don’t do this… They don’t think it’s important and more or less assume (hope) that everything is going to work out just fine.

But remember you’re smarter than that.

If you buy a property and it has a problem after you settle…
…you own the problem.

You don’t have to!

Today’s podcast has Ian and I giving you the information you need to not make that mistake. You’ll discover:

The value of building inspection reports and why you must use them with every property purchase.

– What about waterproofing certification?
…Don’t know what that is?
You should! It could cost you thousands!

– Why reality TV renovation shows are misleading everyday investors and are likely to cost you thousands of dollars down the track.

– Ian will reveal how he used a simple building inspection report and saved $29k off the purchase price.

…now that’s only a snippet of what we cover in this podcast.

Don’t you think it’s valuable that you get across this info and do the same?

Most people never talk about this type of information –  I just want to tell you this..

That if you don’t get across this info and you buy a problem property, then you will own the problem!

It’s not a case of buyer beware…
If you’re in my community…our community… it’s a case of buyer be smarter and save yourself thousands.