Truth Bomb Tuesday: Why I think you should sleep more

There’s a global sleep deficit right now. Maybe you just need more sleep. And yeah, I know. Galileo only slept 3 hours a night. Nicola Tesla did all his sleeping standing up waiting for the tram. Eddie Murphy practices holotropic breathing and coffee grind enemas, and never needs to sleep. Yeah, yeah. All the greats […]

The 5 stages of growth the ANZACs gave us

The ANZACs are still forcing Australia to grow up. It’s a role they never asked for. The older I get, the younger the ANZACs of Gallipoli look. The reality was they were just kids – many of them literally. But even the older ones are no older than my kids are now. To imagine them […]

Revealed: Is the ATO coming after you?

The ATO is targeting investors – this is what they’re looking for. Looks like the ATO has got investors in their sights this year. The government has been really clamping down on the kinds of deductions that investors can claim, but now the ATO is going to be going through investor’s tax returns with a […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Stress is the new fat

I give you a new way to think about stress No point getting stressed. Seriously. There isn’t. Not a single point on offer. I’ve watched my fair share of people navigate through deals and deadlines, and it really seems that as a society, we venerate stress. We admire it. We take it on board and […]

Famous philosopher discovers: Why rich people are sad

A famous philosopher noticed that the wealthy people around him were sad. The reason why might surprise you. What do philosophers know about being happy? You’d think we’d have that one sorted by now. We’ve thrown enough brain power at it over the centuries. But where has it gotten us? Why are so many of […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Vegans, leave the farmers alone

I just need to let farmers know that they haven’t been forgotten. I’m hearing reports of vegans attacking farmers and their farms, and I just feel I need to respond to that. It’s been a long time since I drafted cattle on my family’s cattle farm, and my hands are way too soft these days […]

Let go of this story and everything will flow

We think hunters are sexy, but ancient people had a different approach to success You are on the trail of your dreams. You are chasing the life you want. You are in pursuit of happiness, meaning and nice things. You are the hunter. But are you? Is this the right way to think about it? […]

Should nurses be able to negatively gear their house?

Category 5 rant warning – property investors are entrepreneurs too! Look, I want to clear something up. The whole debate about negative gearing is raging all around us. It’s all over the shop, but there’s one thing that keeps getting over looked. And that’s the economic logic of allowing property investors to access negative gearing. […]