A second job is not a solution. Do this instead.

There’s a million Aussies working multiple jobs. Are they being conned? The view from 30,000ft says that the Australian economy is kicking on pretty well. But down on the ground it’s often a different story. And it’s one of the challenges that developed economies all over the world face. How do we make sure everyone […]

Learning to position yourself in finance: A chat with Andrew Kubenk

Investing has never been tougher, and despite money being harder and harder to grow, the world of currency is still spinning at the same speed. I had a chat with finance wizard Andrew Kubenk to discuss the current climate of finance and loans in the world of property. This free webinar reveals real estate strategies […]

Broker win is market’s gain

It was a change no one was calling for, but now that it won’t happen, what does it mean for the market? Mortgage Broker’s have had a win. When Kenneth Hayne delivered his Royal Commission into the banking sector, he recommended that mortgage brokers be moved to a user-pays system (as opposed to the commission-based […]

Truth Bomb Tuesday: the magic of the ‘ripple effect’

Many of my students have observed ‘the ripple effect’. But what’s actually going on here. Let me tell you a story about Richard. Richard isn’t his real name. I just chose Richard becomes it reminds me of the word ‘ripple’, and it’s the ripple effect that I really want to talk about today. And I’m […]

Struggling property investors turn portfolio costing them 22k a year into 77k positive cashflow

Experience and education are key when it comes to property investment, no story exemplifies that more than Sue and Marks. Before joining I Love Real Estate their investments were plagued with issues, dodgy accountants, and classic property missteps. Throughout their journey and learning they overcame not only their trials in investment but also trials within […]

Could you climb this mountain?

There are still peaks that no human has touched. Are you going to be the one?  “Everything has been done.” It can be tempting to think that the era of great adventure is over. You can’t go anywhere on earth these days where some American backpacker with an Instagram following hasn’t been before you.  And […]

Rents are up. Can that be right?

Data shows that asking rents are rising… Is that just crazy? It seems there’s a bit of positive movement on rental prices across the country. That’s the view according to new data from rent.com.au Rents for Brisbane house dipped by 2.2% in February, while Darwin and Canberra rents were up 2% and 1.8% respectively, according […]