This most interesting property sector in the country

The market is always presenting you with opportunities. This is one of them. What’s the most interesting segment in the Australian property market right now? The apartment sector, hands down. Have you been following what’s going on there? It’s nuts. Like totally nuts. It’s come to a head recently with revelations that the 30-storey Opal […]

The biggest influence on property in 2019

One factor will dominate property this year. This is how you can use it to your advantage. Today I want to introduce you to the one factor that’s going to dominate the property market in 2019. In fact, it’s so much bigger than anything else on the radar, I’m calling it ‘The Godzilla Factor’. Remember, […]

Question: Am I a ‘hard arse’?

Am I a hard-arse? No seriously. I want to know. Do I come off as a bit ‘edgy’ – a bit strict? I got that reflection from a student of mine the other day. We were in a small group, and they cracked a joke. Then they looked at me a bit startled and said, […]