Why are kiwi policy makers freaking out?

The Kiwi government is worried about the boom… about 18 months too late. There’s a bit of a funny situation unfolding across the ditch in New Zealand. (A funny sitch across the ditch?) Basically, house prices are in the middle of an economic boom, and policy makers are tying to walk it back… … even […]

Why Tarantino can’t NFT his movies

More proof that cryptos will change how we do everything. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the latest craze to come out of the cryptoverse. Many are pieces of art, but they could be any digital thing. The key is that their ownership is verified by the block chain. So while it’s possible for a fancy million-dollar […]

Video: A $600k increase in value, without lifting a finger.

More hot news from the Aussie property market… A couple was able to flip their house for over $600k. They only had it for 9 weeks. You might be thinking… Huge scale renovations? Crazy sellers? Nope. In fact, in the whole 9 weeks they didn’t even touch it once. I’m gonna tell you how they […]

Brisbane to benefit from “Millenial Migration”?

Everything is lining up for Brisbane Do you reckon Brisbane is about to boom? That’s my sense. I reckon Brisbane is primed. I’m not the only one. Some social researcher reckons that Brisbane is about to benefit from a “Millennial Migration”. Social researcher Mark McCrindle said Queensland was yet to see the peak in interstate […]

Cash is dead. Who is the new king?

We have no idea where most of the cash actually is. So cash is dying a slow death. It was on its way out before Covid, but Covid really took things down a notch. (I couldn’t even pay with cash at my local op-shop! The napkin holders cost 50c Glenda!) Australia is actually leading the […]

How we ducked a ‘tidal wave’ of bankruptcies

Free money has set the economy on course to boom. Interesting story last week. So not only have we avoided the ‘tidal wave’ of business bankruptcies that were expected in the early days of Covid, we have managed to get the number of business bankruptcies down to record lows. So there have been just over […]

Video: NEW Gov Policy to SKYROCKET house prices

As if things couldn’t get any better… A newly introduced government policy is to set to boost house prices to MOON (and back). I won’t bore you with the details, I’ll save the juicy bits for the episode itself. Not only that, but there’s tons of news for you to discover this week. How Covid […]

WTF? CBA offer crypto now?

This will probably go down as the date that crypto went mainstream in Australia. So for a while now, crypto-currencies (you know, Bitcoin and friends) were seen as a bit too ‘radical’ for the financial establishment. They were too volatile. There wasn’t enough demand for them. Nobody really understood the tech. This kept the ‘big […]

T-Bomb: Want to know how I spend my money?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: You’ve got to be generous with money AND time. I spend my time the way I spend my money. Extravagantly. You should see some of the crazy things I blow my time on. 6-hour lunches. Joy flights over the harbour. Cuddle-in-bed Sundays. I’m dishing out minutes the way a hip-hop rapper dishes […]