What are the investment banks doing? Buying property.

The big money is already out in the market hunting for bargains. Is this downturn going to be shorter and shallower than we think? One of the interesting features of the American property crash in the GFC, was that it was institutional money that lead the way after the bottom had been reached. Massive Hedge […]

Why the devil is lonely

This is how to be a ‘good’ person. It starts with understanding what ‘evil’ really is. Where does loneliness come from? Where does violence come from? Where does suffering come from? There was a box, once, apparently. A box that contained all the ills of the world. And someone went and opened it. And what […]

How to choose the right “Flow State”

A lot of people will tell you to ‘go with the flow’. How many know what they’re talking about. Today, I wanted to riff a little bit on the idea of ‘flow’. The idea of ‘going with the flow’ has become very buzzy in recent years, but like a lot of things that make their […]

The Trick to turning imagination into reality

There are a lot of people who talk about how to turn your dreams into reality… most of them are just escapists… there is one thing you NEED to do to make the transition… Watch and I’ll tell you what it is.  

From Negative $30k to $56k Positive Cashflow, in just 13 months.

If you’re interested in me and some free education check out my free webcast: https://bit.ly/2SpPh2g So many times I hear that people say their situation’s too tough, that you don’t have the time or live too far away to invest in property. Well Nathan successfully invested in Australian real estate and replaced his income all […]