This will test Melbourne’s property market

Melbourne’s property market is facing an epic test I know a few investors are eyeing the property market hungrily right now, trying to sniff out some bargains. So far, the market hasn’t offered all that much. Listings remain low, and with mortgage freezes in place, most potential vendors are taking a wait-and-see approach. I think […]

Humble Beginnings: Interview with ILRE coach Michael May

Today we’re sitting down with Michael May, one of ILoveRealEstate’s most esteemed coaches. As we go through his journey from strictly raised radiologist, to mortgage broker, property developer, and eventually full fledged investment coach, you’ll find that “humble beginnings” couldn’t be more of an understatement. Hope you enjoy. Hungry for more? To book a free […]

How an Immigrant Made More Out of a Small Living Space (And How to Spend Less and Earn More Out of Smaller Housing)

Affordability comes into the picture when we talk about homes in Australia. But with smaller housing, it’s a win-win for landlords and tenants, especially for the ageing population. Australian homes don’t suit the ageing population all that well. They may suit the rich, but they are too expensive for the rest. That means we should […]

How Focusing on Smaller Spaces Allowed One Strategic Couple to Generate a Passive Income (And Why You Need to Turn to Smaller Housing Right Now)

Forget about the four-bedroom house. Smaller and smarter housing in Australia is where cash will flow. Australians love big houses, and most grew up in one. If you asked 100 people on the street, most would tell you that they grew up in a four-bedroom house with two bathrooms. This history is why many people […]

T-Bomb: The type of student I love to work with

Truth Bomb Tuesday: The secret to success is so simple, it’s almost boring. It’s one of my favourite sayings: How do you eat an elephant? One mouthful at a time. I love it because I think it captures two of the biggest barriers people have to overcome on their journey towards financial freedom. I think […]

Property Growth Under COVID: The Six Biggest Market Indicators

When it comes to the property market, natural growth is great. But if you want to know where the market will be heading, keep an eye out for these specific indicators. Relying on natural growth is a lazy and slow strategy, mainly because you’re just waiting for time to do its job. But it’s nice […]

The problem with work-from-home? The work, apparently.

Resistance to work-from-home points to the fundamental problems with jobs themselves. So this is a bit of fun. As I’m sure you know, a lot of us are working from home (WFH) these days. A recent Roy Morgan survey reckons that a third of the workforce are now doing their jobs from home. Working Women […]

When Do the Rich Make Money?

When it comes to the wealth of the rich people like to throw around a lot of assumtions, “The rich exploited this boom, or this guy just got lucky, ect. ect.” When in reality, the rich make the most money when times are tough and the ecomony is weak. This has been a repeating and […]

T-Bomb: What’s your lightning rod?

Truth Bomb Tuesday: Emotional energy must be released, or the universe will find a way for you. What’s your lightning rod? In my experience, we all have them. We all have these etheric aerials waving around, calling down high-voltage emotional charge. And sooner or later, BAM, lightning strikes, and you get an intense surge of […]

Raiding super to buy property – I wouldn’t.

Property is already shaping as the financial destination of choice post-crisis… One of the things I’m expecting to come out of this crisis is a “pivot to property”. Property typically does well in a crisis. It’s a stable asset class. Even if you look at something like the property busts in Ireland or the US […]