January 25, 2020 by Dymphna

Are property investors unethical scumbags?

For a long time, property investors have been treated (by some parts of the community at least) as greedy, unethical scumbags who are simply making property unaffordable.  

Is it true? 

Are investors evil scumbags? 

The criticism comes from people who claim that when an investor buys a house, they’re stopping someone else from buying it and living in it.  

And sure, that’s partly true.  

However the way I teach people to invest is quite the opposite.  

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My focus is on INCREASING supply.  

You can either buy one house and sit on it and wait patiently for it to go up in value.  

Or you can turn one house into two or more and make lots of money straight away.  

Which do you think I prefer? 

One of my favourites is buying a house, renovating it and putting it back on the market.  

Suddenly tradies are getting employed, and someone’s getting a great house instead of an old dump.  

Another is subdividing a block and building another dwelling. Hey presto! There’s TWO houses where there used to be one.  

What about multi-occupancy dwellings. You could have 4 families where there used to be just one house.  

Or how about developing duplexes, triplexes and even townhouses?  

Again, more houses at the end for people to live in.  

And if investors like us didn’t step in there’d be less houses because let’s face it, the government aren’t doing much to build more, right? 

You should be proud to be an investor because as a result of your activities, more people will have more houses to live in.  

We’re not taking away anything from other people.  

We’re giving back. And we’re taking a profit at the same time.  

Want to find out how it’s done? 

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The best part? 

If you’ve always wanted to invest in property, but somehow it didn’t feel right then now you can create wealth while giving back to the community.