Bonus #1: Aftershock Virtual Summit Replay (Value $497)

In the coming weeks and months  I predict we will see a catastrophic meltdown which will shake our nation to its core. Why do I believe this will happen?

A series of desperate government measures will start to expire. And like dominoes, as each one falls, the next domino comes tumbling down with it.

Cash will dry up, unemployment will soar, and thousands of home owners will be pushed to the brink. And that’s just for starters.

The knock on effects will almost certainly be more devastating than ‘the recession we had to have’ or the destructive Global Financial Crisis.

Except, rather than sell everything and hide your cash under your mattress, I’m suggesting … … the exact opposite.

At my one-day Aftershock Financial Summit I shared my essential strategy for you to survive and prosper in the next 24 months.

Watch the six-part replay below for the full story on how to position yourself and your loved ones for the Aftershock of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Aftershock Virtual Summit Session 1  

Aftershock Virtual Summit Session 2  

Aftershock Virtual Summit Session 3  

Aftershock Virtual Summit Session 4  

Aftershock Virtual Summit Session 5  

Aftershock Virtual Summit Session 6  

Bonus #2: I Love Real Estate 'The Source' Covid-19 Crisis Special Edition (Priceless) 

Every crisis creates opportunity. The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) made a lot of people very wealthy. That’s what crises do. They create opportunity.

'The Source' is full of the amazing property investing journeys of I Love Real Estate students. These are not just stories of profit and cashflow, they are stories of transformation, growth and success.

You will also get valuable market insights and success tips from Dymphna Boholt and Jon Giaan.

So read on, and let yourself be inspired.

Your opportunity is now.

Bonus #3: Real Estate Professional Series
(Value $297) 

Three must have reports if you want your property investing to go the next level.

1. How to Structure You investing for Max Profits and Minimum Tax.

Download PDF

2. How To Make Your Life Style Tax Deductible.

Download PDF

3. Why Negative Gearing Is Dangerous To Your Wealth.

Download PDF