A Single Mum Fresh Off A Divorce Now Has Her Own Home & Three Investment Properties

As they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

And Julie, a newly-divorced single mum, decided to do just that. After all, she had a six-year-old daughter to feed and raise on her own.

But her work as a remote area nurse (RAN) initially made it difficult, as it was the type of work that required her full attention.

Being a RAN meant she had to travel in rural and remote areas of Australia. She also had to work with indigenous communities while supporting the mining, agricultural and tourism industries.

It was a fulfilling job.

But the drawback was that being a RAN meant Julie was often away from home. To the point that she sometimes wondered if that was one of the reasons why her marriage didn’t work out.

This also became a big challenge for Julie and her young daughter. The nature of her work exacerbated their feeling of isolation. She and her daughter didn’t see each other often, and she also felt lonely in her workplace since their team worked different shifts.

Another big challenge she faced was the fly-in fly-out (FIFO) or drive-in drive-out (DIDO) policy. Julie had to balance the feeling of being separated from her loved ones while quickly building a good relationship with the people in the communities they were in.

It was tough!

Additionally, the divorce worsened Julie’s financial situation. She became so financially insecure that she found it difficult to pay back her debts. And in the end, she had to file Part 10 Bankruptcy. It gave her some momentary relief from her creditors.

At that point, the only other source of money that Julie had besides her job was the $42,000 divorce settlement… But it had yet to arrive. And even though Julie had her own properties, she had no assets.

With a young child to feed, Julie knew that she could not just wait and rely on the divorce settlement. She needed to do something more.

Julie wanted to make a change not just for herself but also for her daughter.

That made her think about what to do with the divorce settlement she was expecting.

The desire for change was the reason why Julie decided to join ILRE. And it was a decision that changed her life.

Since joining the program, she had undergone several major changes in her life – both personally and in her career as a property investor. She went on a journey of self-discovery and massive growth. At the same time, she managed to secure deals, RENOs, strata, and JVs, among others.

Joining Platinum was the best decision she made in turning her life around. Since then, she has owned three investment properties with her own PPR.

So, how exactly did she turn her situation around?

Buying Investment Properties

After going through the divorce settlement, Julie decided to take the pieces of advice she got from the program and began to change her mindset.

Previously, she had so many doubts about herself and her life decisions. But thanks to the mindset shift she had, Julie decided to trust in herself more, as well as the learnings she got from ILRE.

She began her property investing journey with a one-storey building deal in Parmelia. It was a joint venture (JV) that involved a renovation-to-flip of the house. They purchased the property for $250,000, while its purchase cost was $9,062. Renovation cost them $67,000, but they were able to sell the property for $415,000.

That meant they made a profit of $87,955 – a 27% ROI. Julie’s share was $21,988, which was not bad for a first deal.

This JV experience motivated her to explore similar property investing projects.

Julie’s second deal was another JV. But this time, it involved the renovation and flipping of a property in Halls Head, Western Australia.

The purchase of the property cost them $330,000, and they had to pay another $75,000 for its renovation. But unlike the Parmelia deal, Julie and her partner decided to rent out Halls Head.

Fortunately, they were very careful in selecting the tenants for the property since they wanted to avoid any issues. Their due diligence paid off as it helped them create a positive outflow from renting out the property.

Following the success of the second deal, Julie proceeded to do other JVs. One of which was the renovation and flip of a property in Ballajura. The total purchase and renovation cost for it was $416,000.

Even if other related costs, such as option fee and hold fee, are added, the property’s value outweighs the total cost. And they got a sale price of $530,000, which meant they raked in a profit of $80,400, half of which is Julie’s share.

As for the other JV, it was also a renovate-and-flip property in Rockingham. It cost them $367,000 to purchase and renovate. Despite additional costs such as renovation and option fees, the property was valued at $445,000 – and they sold it for that amount. They got a $63,000 profit from it and, again, half of it was Julie’s share.

For Julie and her partner’s latest JV, they renovated and flipped a Safety Bay property to turn it into an Airbnb and rental. They decided to take out a $460,000 loan to finance their purchase of the property for $585,000.

While it cost them an additional $40,000 for the renovation, they were able to raise the property’s value to $750,000 as a result. That’s enough to offset the total cost of the property’s purchase and renovation. They’re also able to derive further profit from it through the $480 per week rent. The property is expected to generate Julie a profit of $105,000.

The Life-Changing Result of Being a Property Investor

After joining ILRE and applying their advice, Julie gained the financial freedom that she’d always been aspiring for. Even better, she was no longer the insecure person she was before. She’s gained much-needed self-confidence.

And starting her own renovation company could be considered an added bonus!

Julie also believes that her success story can inspire her grandson. In particular, she wants him to see her as proof that as long as you work hard enough and believe in yourself…
You will be able to overcome anything.

After all, before meeting Dymphna and joining ILRE, Julie had no assets. But now, she has a PPR and three investment properties with a total equity of $1,180,000.

Now, if someone were to ask her if she ever wanted to go back and not join the program, Julie would smile and reply:

“There’s no way I’ll ever want to go back. No way!”

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These stories and the results in them were captured at a specific point in time. The real estate market and the investing strategies used to succeed are constantly changing. The achievements and results of these investors may have changed since these stories were recorded. Each of these investors engaged in in-depth training, coaching and mentoring to be able to achieve these results. Their results are not typical and should not be taken as a guarantee of the results you may achieve. Your personal results will be in-line with the training, education and hard work that you personally conduct.

“There’s no way I’ll ever want to go back. No way!”



PPR Renting
Value: $0

Divorce Settlement
Equity: $42,000

Equity: $42,000



Value: $840,000
Equity: $370,000

All Investment Properties
Value: $1,970,000
Equity: $810,000
Cashflow: $16,500

Value: $300,000

Value: $3,110,000
Equity: $1,180,000