June 27, 2019 by Dymphna

A million-dollar debt and a marriage on the line: mother-of-four discovered a new way and created a $60,000 cashflow turnaround

When Vicky entered the property investment market in 2007 she was negatively geared and it put a lot of strain on her finances. She was trapped in a cycle of ‘fake wealth’, skimming off any equity growth from her principal place of residence and refinancing the loan to build a pool, build a shed and buy a boat. “I was trying to get all those material things that measure success,” she recalls.

Things were so tough that Vicky found herself deciding between making a mortgage repayment and buying shoes for her kids. When she started putting the groceries on her credit card, she knew she was trapped in a cycle of bad debt.

Since joining the I Love Real Estate (ILRE)community, Vicky has paid off debt and turned around her cash flow position from $30,000 per annum in the red to $30,000 per annum in the black. Vicky even won over her sceptical husband, reuniting them in common purpose and passion.

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Please enjoy Vicky’s amazing story