A million-dollar debt and a marriage on the line: How a mother-of-four discovered a new way and built an amazing life.

Vicky had been living beyond her means for years. From the outside, she had it all: a big house, big car, big boat and the private school that cost a fortune. Problem was, Vicky and her husband couldn’t afford any of it.

Then, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, it felt like her life was falling apart. After her recovery, she joined the I Love Real Estate community and started to rebuild her life with passion and purpose.

Vicky purchased her first investment property in 2007. It was negatively geared and put a lot of strain on her finances. She was trapped in a cycle of ‘fake wealth’, skimming off any equity growth from her principal place of residence and refinancing the loan to build a pool, build a shed and buy a boat. “I was trying to get all those material things that measure success,” she recalls.

Things were so tough that Vicky found herself deciding between making a mortgage repayment and buying shoes for her kids. When she started putting the groceries on her credit card, she knew she was trapped in a cycle of bad debt.

“Tim [my husband] was resistant to me doing this at first. But I got him to go to an event and the penny dropped. He was like, ‘I get it now. This is a really great community’.”

Then, the unthinkable happened. What should have been a routine doctor’s appointment became a stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis. “[The experience] shook my confidence to the core and it made me readjust and reassess every single thing in my life,” she says.

With a debt of one million dollars, her health in tatters and her marriage on the line, Vicky hit rock bottom.

Thankfully, she made a speedy recovery from breast cancer and set out to reclaim her life. Vicky made her way to one of Dymphna’s one-day events, she won one of Dymphna’s books, which she signed: “Vicky, just make it happen!” It was the push she needed to take control of her life.

Since joining the I Love Real Estate (ILRE)community, Vicky has paid off debt and turned around her cash flow position from $30,000 per annum in the red to $30,000 per annum in the black. Vicky even won over her sceptical husband, reuniting them in common purpose and passion.

Deal 1: The big house

In 2013, Vicky and her husband, Tim, bought the house of their dreams: a mansion on a hill. The upkeep on the house was laborious and the mortgage repayments were pummelling.

Vicky knew she had to find a way to make the property work financially. She considered everything: farm-stay cabins, overseas workers helping to maintain the property, hiring it out as a wedding venue and creating day spa experiences – she even thought about turning it into a brothel!

Vicky was at a loss until she joined ILRE and learnt how to do a feasibility study. Working closely with her mentor, she realised that the best strategy was a quick renovation and sale.

“I actually felt embarrassed having a big house … it was like I didn‘t feel worthy enough.”

She put $80,000 into some ‘basic’ cosmetic renovations, which increased the capital value by more than 30 per cent. Tim and Vicky were able to sell the property for a $230,000 profit.

Deal 2: The beach house

Old insecurities die hard, and Tim and Vicky soon found themselves looking at purchasing their dream beach house.

Emotions played a big part in how this deal played out. Unable to stick to her newfound knowledge, Vicky and Tim went over budget with the renovations.

Leaning on the ILRE community, Vicky was able to refocus on her goals and strategically get the deal back on track. With an extension on the property, a refurbished kitchen, bathroom, laundry and a new granny flat, she was still able to increase her equity in the property by $33,000.

The property now brings in $18,000 a year in passive income and provides her family with the occasional holiday getaway.

“I was too emotionally invested in the house. I forgot about all the things I had learnt and started making emotional decisions and relying on other people‘s opinions. I didn‘t trust myself.”

Deal 3: The duplex build

With her portfolio in order now, Vicky was ready to launch into new deals. She found a block of land that was ripe for a duplex development. She purchased the land for $260,000 and estimates to spend $650,000 on the build, with the end value expected to be more than one million dollars. This should leave Vicky a profit of $136,000. Vicky intends to sell one house and keep the other for cash flow.

Living an affordable life and thriving

Despite losing sight of her goals and focus, Vicky was able to regroup with the support of the ILRE community. She has improved her equity position by $576,000 and created $60,000 turnaround in her annual cash flow position.

The biggest growth for Vicky, however, has been a personal ‘coming of age’ and a chance to find her voice. Through setting clear goals, Vicky and Tim have found a blueprint for working together with purpose and passion. “We communicate better and our marriage has been rejuvenated. It’s wonderful”” she adds.

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These stories and the results in them were captured at a specific point in time. The real estate market and the investing strategies used to succeed are constantly changing. The achievements and results of these investors may have changed since these stories were recorded. Each of these investors engaged in in-depth training, coaching and mentoring to be able to achieve these results. Their results are not typical and should not be taken as a guarantee of the results you may achieve. Your personal results will be in-line with the training, education and hard work that you personally conduct.

Through setting clear goals, Vicky and Tim have found a blueprint for working together with purpose and passion.


The Farm
Value: $580,000
Cashflow: $1,660
The Big House
Value: $670,000
Cashflow: PPR
Less debt (inc. credit cards): $1,059,000
Value: $191,000
Cashflow: $1,660
The Farm
Value: $650,000
Cashflow: $ 11,209
Beach House (on completion)
Value: $950,000
Cashflow: $18,200
Duplex Block (on completion)
Value: $545,000
Cashflow: $3,950
Less debt (inc. credit cards): $1,378,000
TOTAL NET (on completion)
Value: $767,000
Cashflow: $33,359