September 3, 2019 by Dymphna

I want you to do something the next time you’re on a bus.

Go around and find out how many people know where they’re going.

What do you think? Probably all of them right? They’ll all probably say something like, ‘I’m going to get off at the corner of Smith and Johnson streets’, something like that.

Now go around and find out how many people know where they’re going in life.

What do you think you’ll get? Most people will probably give you vague stuff like, ‘I’m going to make lots of money.’ ‘I’m going to be the CEO of a big company.’ ‘I’m going to have a comfortable retirement.’ Something like that.

(And that’s if they give you anything at all!)

Very few people take the time to get a clear picture on where they want to go.

But if you don’t have a clear picture of where you want to go, how are you going to get there?

In life, most people just jump on any old random bus and hope for the best. They don’t know where they really want to go, so they just jump on something that looks like it’s kinda going in the right direction, and then just go along for the ride.

Most people are just day-trippers.

But you wouldn’t do this with the city bus, so why do you do it with the bus of life?

But this is your life. You can make it whatever you want it to be. It can be a heroic epic. It can be act of beautiful service. It can be an endless parade of wonder and amazement.

It can be whatever you want.

But you have to choose it. You have to listen to that deepest part of yourself, and find out what it is you are here to do.

Get specific. Pin point a location on a map. Don’t settle for random. Chart a course that is completely yours.

And move towards the life that is waiting for you.